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How can I reuse or recycle laundry detergent/fabric softener bottles?

 We’ve had an email from Lisa, asking:

How can I reuse laundry detergent and fabric softener bottles?

I have a bunch piling up by my washing machine – the ones you pour, not with a spout on the side.

We’ve bulk bought fabric softener in the past and I’ve decanted it into a old, small bottle to make it easier to use – the giant bulk bottle could be stored out of the way in the cellar and the little bottle just refilled once a month. You can do the same thing with big boxes of powder – with handles, those pouring bottles are far easier to carry and use than a big box. They are also moisture tight so if the bottle is dry when you pour in the powder in the first place, it’s less likely to cake than in a cardboard box.

That’s only two bottles though – so what else can you do with them? Carolien Adriaansche makes them into cute creatures and many of the bottles that I see are nice colours or even pearlised, so you could use the plastic to make things like bold jewellery.

Any other suggestions?

How can I reuse or recycle nail varnish bottles?

nail_varnish250.jpgFollowing on from last week’s little bottles that are awkward to clean post, we’ve had an email from Agata:

I’m really into manicures! I use lots of nail varnish and I have lots of empty bottles – any idea what to do with them?

Most nail polish bottles I’ve seen are glass so lid and brush aside can probably be recycled (I’m assuming the recycling process would clean the glass enough to get rid of the varnish residue). But obviously reuses are more fun.

So suggestions?

(By the way, we covered leftover little bits of nail varnish about two years ago.)

How can I reuse or recycle plastic screw-top bottle caps?

water_bottle_cap.jpgWe’ve had an email from Am about bottle caps:

As we have a lot of plastic water bottles, and they are easy enough to recycle/reuse… but what about the screw-on bottle tops?

When they are recycled the council insist the lids are not included…and I hate to waste all those little lids.

I always keep a few spare ones in case I lose/drop-somewhere-rank the lid of a bottle I’m re-using. I’ve also used them (usually in pairs for stability) to add height when a plant pot sits too low in the planter – water bottle caps add about 1cm while milk bottle ones are a little wide and not as tall.

Anyone got any other suggestions?

How can I reuse or recycle … babies’ bottles?

Baby bottleWe featured babies’ dummies last week and it made me realise we hadn’t covered much baby paraphernalia – but there is a sure to be a lot of it out there.

So how about babies’ bottles?

Can they be sterilised sufficiently to be passed on to others? And if not, what other things could they be used for?

(Photo by spekulator)

How can I reuse or recycle the bottoms of fizzy drink bottles?

We’ve had an email from Kate Parsons with a clever idea for using the bottoms of fizzy drink bottles:

I use the bottom 3 or 4 inches of a 2 litre plastic coke bottle to make drawer tidies at work for all my paper clips, staples, etc. You can keep them in place by stapling them together or with a blob of blutack on the bottom!

A great idea and it made me realise that while we’ve covered a large range of different types of plastic bottles (eg, milk, squash, shower gel, shampoo, miniatures ones, pump action ones, and water, water cooler and hot water ones), we’ve not looked at pop bottles – and their blobby-shaped bottoms – in particular.

So any specific uses for the bottoms of those bottles? Anything else the separate compartments can be used for? Suggestions for any size bottle are fine.