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How can I reuse or recycle nail varnish bottles?

nail_varnish250.jpgFollowing on from last week’s little bottles that are awkward to clean post, we’ve had an email from Agata:

I’m really into manicures! I use lots of nail varnish and I have lots of empty bottles – any idea what to do with them?

Most nail polish bottles I’ve seen are glass so lid and brush aside can probably be recycled (I’m assuming the recycling process would clean the glass enough to get rid of the varnish residue). But obviously reuses are more fun.

So suggestions?

(By the way, we covered leftover little bits of nail varnish about two years ago.)

How can I reuse or recycle … old nail varnish?

Nail varnish…And moving on from old paint, what about old nail varnish?

From the days when I actually used it, I’ve got quite a few half-bottles left over in all sorts of colours. Some of them have separated but recongeal with a quick shake, but I’ve only painted my nails once this year and can’t see myself doing it again in a hurry (for both aesthetic reasons and for the sake of my nails) so they’re pretty much redundant.

So what can I do with all the leftover nail polish? And what about the bottles with their little brushes – any reuses for those?

(Photo by tijmen)