How can I reuse or recycle plastic milk bottles?

Plastic milk bottleA few weeks ago, on the coconut shells post, I found a very cool way to reuse plastic milk bottles to make covered bird feeders for small birds (UPDATE – the link I had has stopped working, the next best one uses big milk jugs but the same principle applies to smaller bottles too, from a 2pint/1ltr upward).

But as we’ve only got one tree in the garden (and that’s not really a tree, it’s an overgrown bush which is very cat-accessible), I’d love to find out other ways to reuse them rather than just slinging them in the recycling bin.

Any ideas?

Best Suggestions

  • Reduce: Use a milk delivery company if available in your area – their glass bottles are sterilised and reused again and again.
  • Reuse: There are lots of reuses around the home and garden: whole, they’re easy-pour storage for flour/other dry goods, as watering cans – or filled with water, exercise weights. Cut up, they can be used as scoops for dry pet food (or pet poop!), planters, slug traps and bird feeders.
  • Recycle: Most plastic milk bottles are made from HDPE – plastic number 2 – which is widely recyclable.
  • See the comments below for more suggestions and ideas

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68 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle plastic milk bottles?”

  1. dave says:

    2 litres – I cut off as high as possible on the flat sides. I can then stack one inside another. Push in as far as you want. Camping – for each day – bottom one has my supper. next one has tea, next has lunch. next has breakfast cooking(eggs, bacon, sausages etc) top one has breakfast cereal. Top one acts as a lid and I put tins or similar in these. These all go in my cool box and I’m ready for anything.
    1 litre – do the same but use to store knives, forks, spoons etc and put the top on upside down so it seals.
    So light, and as I use each one it slides down into the next so takes up less space.
    Also makes a handy container for a penny stove and its fuel, matches etc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    u suk

  3. Alicia says:

    I used 2L bottle as a hanging basket in the garden fence wall. Cut the other side of the hande to open up the top. Then fill with Soil and put the flower in. One the plant grow bigger it covers the bottle. The handle , you can use to hand it on the wall or through the loop along the fence. Cheap and beautiful method.


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