How can I reuse or recycle toilet seats?

Apologies for the break in blogging – I’ve been super busy with other things over the last month. And in my absence, Recycle This had its sixth birthday! Happy Birthday website! :D

Anyway, moving on: we’ve had an email from Stephanie about toilet seats:

I just came into about 25 toilet seat all different colors (red, yellow, green, blue….) I know they can be reused but I’m stuck. I thought the game horse shoes but they don’t have the open front, I was even suggested picture frames! Please help.

An unusual thing to suddenly acquire but they would make very fun (ok, silly) picture frames in a bathroom.

I’ve got half an idea in my mind about using them to hold open rubbish bags or laundry bags – I can’t quite formulate it into an actual reuse — after a few weeks of not posting, I’m clearly out of practise at coming up with ideas so I’ll had it over to you guys.

What would you do with some unwanted toilet seats? Do you know anywhere that would take them to reuse for intended purpose? Or can you think of any fun or practical reuse or recycling suggestions?

I’m presuming, because they’re different colours, that they’re plastic but do feel free to make suggestions for wooden ones too in case anyone has those to use up instead.

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48 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle toilet seats?”

  1. Melinda says:

    One teacher in my school took a seat (not the cover), painted it orange, and wrote BATHROOM PASS on it in white letters. That’s what student’s have to take when they go to the bathroom. It can cut down on requests nicely.

  2. Tricia says:

    I think they could be super cute in the garden. Use them to “frame” similarly sized flower pots, small garden tables or even an old wicker chair with seat cut out…just drop in a flower pot and viola! A fun and unexpected way to spruce up the garden.

  3. anja says:

    I’ve been wondering this for years! Saw online that someone (in the States I think) had used them as art. My thought was…have one on top of a compost bin. Also if you have more than one, turn them on their side and attach to the outbuildings and put bean poles or long branches through them for storage. Or maybe for dog agility courses? I also thought about half submerging them in the ground as art work or for wild animal dens or paths!

  4. trythisout says:

    You can try fixing a garbage bag to hang from it in some way and put them up on a wall side by side as bins for segregating waste-they’re already different colours right?

  5. wong wear says:

    I haven’t got this totally thought out yet but possible for growing seedlings or some other gardening taks. Sometimes if it is cold or windy you want to cover up seeds that you have just planted. With these you could put the lid down if it was going to be frosty overnight, for example.

    I am not sure if there is enought height to allow the seedlings to get high enough to transplant. Perhaps then you could put the lid onto a flower pot in which the soil doesn’t come to near the top. Then there would be some space for the seedlings to grow. Of a day you open the lids. Later in the day you send the children out to close all the lids to protect against frost. They would be fine outside and wouldn’t mind the water when you hose the seedlings.

  6. anna says:

    If the seats are in a good condition, why not paint them to look more artistic and sell them? As long as some paint will stay on the seats.

  7. Jan Thomson says:

    I have a friend who used only the seat. She painted it & hot glued a mirror on the inside, making it a cool addition on the bathroom wall !

    I have also seen them sunk about 1/2 way in the garden with mirrors shining brightly~~

  8. Larry Williams says:

    for some reason i find this one quite chic..i love recycling,i recycle stuff myself and use it for later.

  9. Olga says:

    May be, someone can build a dog house and shingle the roof with those lids?
    The top part of the lid can bear house number!
    Take two top lids and create a giant butterfly for the garden.
    Bottom part can be used as border around small seedling tree or special plant.
    The seat cover can frame a small window in a shed or child’s house or even in an attic. It already has a shutter.
    Use two upper lids to serve as edges of a skate board, which you should build.
    Build a chair out of it.

  10. Olga says:

    Remove the bottom parts, then stick upper lids half way into the ground around a tree or a flower bad.

  11. Uluska says:

    Take upper lid , paint the initials and decorate children’s room or the door.

  12. Uluska says:

    Build kitty litter box to fit this lid, and she will have some privacy and fancy toilet.

  13. Uluska says:

    Attach the net and use as fish trap.

  14. Uluska says:

    Attach four legs and you’ll have a stool.

  15. Alena says:

    Also, the hallow lid can be used for a wreath, just glue leaves , flowers, etc. on it.

  16. Galina says:

    top part, if it is flat enough, can be turned into snow shoes.

  17. The bottom part could be used as a picture frame! Color it, add a personal touch – with a flat base, it can also be kept on a desk.

    Someone in your community might be able reuse it to fix a broken toilet as well.

  18. steve delago says:

    Use the bottom for cornhole newbies…
    The tops for skimboards n belly surfing…
    Drill a hole in the top lid..add rope or wire hanger…paint a target n use for target practice…
    Top can b used as a shield for plays..attach cloth or plastic arm n hand grips…
    Use either or for swing seats..
    Football coahes can use them for footwork agility drills in pkace of tires

  19. steve delago says:

    Forgot one..I use the green planting foam to display pocket knives I sell..the bottoms could b painted..decorated to tier n cascade candles n or other art projects

  20. Emma says:

    The first logical use would be to use it as the seat for a composting toilet, there are plenty of websites, books etc to help you build one.

  21. Cyndee says:

    Attach abut lap sack and some short legs. Use as a garden stool/weeding bag.

  22. Mini Bins says:

    That is an amusing item to suddenly end up with 25 of. I personally can’t think of anything creative to use them for, especially that many. There are some pretty cool ideas mentioned above, but most are just for using 1 or 2 at a time. I’d probably just end up posting in on craigslist in the free section and hope someone can find a use for them.

  23. Zaffy says:

    I would love a yellow one, mine is very faded. I live in Buckinghamshire U.K. Unfortunately for me, I presume you are in the U.S.

  24. Brian Hogbin says:

    I’m surprised that Freecycle has not appeared it is amazing what is taken that way.

  25. C says:

    You may wish to donate them to Restore. See

  26. Michal Diane Cottrill says:

    I recycle different items into bins, garbage cans, etc. The toilet seats would make good tops for homemade recycling bins. Just make square boxes with a hole cut into the top of it and install the toilet seat. The seat would be raised high enough to let air flow through. Recyclables should always be clean when thrown into the bins.

  27. Terrica says:

    Maybe making a clock for the bathroom out of one.

  28. nedmorlef says:

    i used mine for doors in my chicken coop. i close the lid to keep them in. you could also make windows or portholes for a coop by inserting wire or glass. Close the lid during bad weather or leave off altogether. Stools for campfire,portable toilet or feed bins with a 5 gallon bucket,trash or recycle bin lids…. just pull a bag up through the seat and fold it underneath, a doggy door frame for a back door or shed or doghouse!

  29. Green Steve says:

    Happy Birthday! I like the clock idea, but a toilet seat in the kitchen might freak some people out a bit…

  30. Green people says:

    I have seen quite a few re-purpose toilet seats into a mirror. But I think a kitty litter box, which someone suggested, is a great and adorable idea.

  31. Rachel Ramey says:

    Depending on what they’re made of, you may be able to use the lids as dry-erase boards.

  32. Alison says:

    I have seen people use them as mirrors before, but it is a bit odd looking at your reflection from within a toilet seat. :/

  33. Juan says:

    you could cut a hole in the seat of a plastic lawn chair and bolt a toilet seat over the hole. Put a 5 gallon bucket under the chair and presto! A lightweight folding toilet for camping trips! :)

  34. Tamara says:

    I think you could spray paint the lid in a charcoal/grayish color and use it as a headstone for deceased pets.

  35. kevin schilling says:

    Used toilet seats particularly the wooden ones could be used to frame a portrait of somebody that you intensely dislike.( hate) Particularly an ex stepfather of mine who has thank Christ deceased.

  36. Mary Zinselmeir says:

    I nice oak toilet lid could be used as a key holder. Put some evenly spaced cup hooks and hang your keys on it in a convenient place. Never loose your various keys again. Attach a hanger and hang it by the back door or where ever

  37. Rober Lewis says:

    Good idea, but in my opinion reusing toilet seat doesn’t sounds very hygienic.

  38. Amy Harris says:

    You can make some decoupage and put it like a painting in the bathroom.

  39. Liam says:

    You can colour it and add some flowers on it :)

  40. Peggy says:

    Usually when we replace such things they are so gross we don’t want to reuse them. At least the ones I just replaced in my new house were! Plastic ones may be recycled.

  41. Suziski says:

    Halloween decor! I researched this topic after we put a few toilet seat covers out front to amuse as a headstone for Halloween! You can have lots of fun with a fun epitaph for Halloween! :-)

  42. I made a wonderful mirror frame with some old toilet seat :)

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  44. Anonymous says:

    I want to recycle disable toilet seats you cannot give them back so what do you do with them

  45. Judy E Doe says:

    I have seen wooden toilet seats made into a cribbage board. There was even a small draw under the lid for storing the pegs and cards.

  46. :) says:

    Use sharpie to write a cute phrase on them, or make them to look like a face. Keep on bathroom door.

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