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74 Responses to “Contacting Recycle This”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got about 8-10 old bikes, some quite old fashioned, which have been sitting in a shed for years. Anybody wants them? Hexham, Northumberland

    • Linda says:

      Hi Anonymous

      I might know someone that could make use of them.
      What sort of condition would you say most of the bikes are in?




    • joe says:

      Besides being a machanic,I also fix bikes and give them to kids and adults that can’t afford bike 🚲 ever gets thrown away if it’s broke I can fix it, nothing ever goes to waste what ever can’t be used goes to the recycling plant and gets melted down and made into something new,I live in Pittsburg Ca USA.
      Would you be interested in shipping them and what would it cost ?
      Please let me know
      Joe 😎

  2. Lesley Howe says:

    I have over 100 videos of all sorts in good condition but I’m moving and need to clear them out. Are you interested in them? I don’t really want to skip,them if they are recyclable or useable in any way?

  3. brian corbett says:

    I am just inquiring. I am a recently retired GP and have a lot of medical books that I no longer need. I am willing to send these to an appropriate source but I don’t want to waste peoples time by sending items that would not be useful. Some of them are quite old, but in good order and many would still have relevant information. Perhaps if you cannot help you may be able to suggest someone who might do. THank you Brian Corbett

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  5. Carole Ryemill says:

    My daughter has moved in to a house and found 2 very old gas cylinders in her garden. There are no names on them for us to contact the original supplier. Do you know anyone who will come and take them away please.
    She lives in South Gloucestershire.
    Many thanks

  6. Thom Parker says:

    What would a huge increase in relevant traffic mean for your business? If I could greatly increase the amount of customers who are interested in your products and services, wouldn’t you be interested

  7. Heather atherden says:

    Hi looking for sawdust shavings in ton bags for bedding for our
    Horses please desperately in need can you help please. Bolton arena
    Bl7 9pe thank you. My number 07733197503 or you know where we could ge some please. Appreciate it very much
    Heather xx

  8. cte training academy says:

    i trust you are well

    we as cte recycling company we just want to start to recycle bones ,so what is need for us to start the whole plant?

  9. Cindy says:

    Have old films on reels …. some slides and slide projector to sell

  10. we can take all your label waste paper, give us a call?

  11. tracy beevis says:

    Old audio cassettes – can you take these?

  12. Anonymous says:


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    If you would like to boost your productivity then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  13. linda says:

    I had some yarn like yours and and used it to make tassels. Long ones to make tassel angels . My yarn was soft. It made lovely tassels. Years ago we made trivets, pot holders and placemats by wrapping the yarn around pegs placed on a board. The yarn was wrapped around the pattern several times. Then we tied the yarn at the intersections. You could also us it to like pin point stitching on a plastic grid. Have fun with your find.

  14. Mark Ritchie says:

    I am currently working on a Project for Watson Marlow Fluid technologies Falmouth in Cornwall. I am looking for any Ideas for recycling our Tubing say like from a grinding down machine for the waste tubing that may be out of tolerance for manufacturing spec. we make in the region of 15 tons of scrap and is going straight to landfill, sustainability recycling for our company to move forward by helping global environmental concerns would help you as well as ourselves if we can find some kind of resourceful means thank you any leads would be fantastic.

  15. Peter Metcalf says:

    Dear sir, I am the safety officer (Parachutes) for our gliding club and after 10 years each of our Club Parachutes becomes life expired for use as emergency parachutes. We currently have 2 in this situation and wondered if anyone makes anything out of them in either a recycling or upcycling manner.

    Please advise of suggestions as we are loathe to just chuck them away if they can be of some practical use.


    Peter Metcalf

  16. joe says:

    I luv recycling and making new thing’s or artwork out of unused things but how do we know what things can be taking as recyclable if we don’t know we could ask rite.let me get rite to the point a machanic and I help out alot of people that are less fortunate to be able to take there cars to a shop and afford to purchase new parts so that’s when auto dismantlers play a good part if the parts are complete.for example if my car needs a new steering column or a trunk or door lock it can get expensive because now we gotta get a locksmith to rekey the steering column or a qualified technician to put a new key cylinder & tumbler in the steering column which can be pricy $ what I’m trying to say in s nice way and not just for me or the people I help but also for the other mechanics’ and the people they help is ( if the keys are in the cars you shouldn’t remove them, by leaving them you’ve created one of the best pieces of art known to man kind and that’s the smile 😊 on the person’s face when the part they came to get was a complete set with the keys.
    I’m pretty sure you didn’t know alot of people don’t.
    Thank you for your time and recycling to help save our planet it’s people like you that make a difference between this world.
    Joe 😎

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