How can I reuse or recycle nail varnish bottles?

nail_varnish250.jpgFollowing on from last week’s little bottles that are awkward to clean post, we’ve had an email from Agata:

I’m really into manicures! I use lots of nail varnish and I have lots of empty bottles – any idea what to do with them?

Most nail polish bottles I’ve seen are glass so lid and brush aside can probably be recycled (I’m assuming the recycling process would clean the glass enough to get rid of the varnish residue). But obviously reuses are more fun.

So suggestions?

(By the way, we covered leftover little bits of nail varnish about two years ago.)

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10 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle nail varnish bottles?”

  1. anna says:

    The brushes (cleaned) work great for small painting of objects.
    I know a lot of model painters who are looking for brushes like that since they work nicely for precision work.

  2. Tamara says:

    i think you could use them to give funk and flash to a small wall… some earthships use larger glass bottles in concrete walls… to let in light while keeping things private… in rooms like the bathroom. perhaps a smaller version?

  3. Dave T says:

    If you have a load and they have been cleaned etc…i’ll buy them off you!

  4. ecomonster says:

    I use them as craft paint so consider donating them to me!

  5. hI!
    I think its silly to use one as a lampshade, they ra emuch 2 small! Or on the wall, strange…….

    You can use empty nail polish bottles to hold small bits of paints. if you want, you can mix eyeshadow and clear nail polish in one of those containers and make a gorgeous new

  6. toir says:

    I use them to hold small amounts of paint when I run out I collect them empty too

  7. Seam says:

    I was thinking a chandelier out of clean and transparent or coloured nail polish bottles… I have heard of chandeliers out of small jars, etc., so why not?

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