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Welcome to the new Recycle This Recycling for Charity Directory.

Here we’ll pull together all the address and contact details of charities, groups and other organisations collecting random things to raise money, for reuse overseas or other recycling/reusing reasons.

These listings complement our current reuse and recycling suggestions so we link to those where appropriate.

How can I recycle … for charity?

toner and ink cartridgesvideo tapesaudio cassettesmobile phones

jewellerybicyclesold bookspill bottles

This resource is currently in development so not all the content is on here just yet – we’ll add to it over the next few weeks and also make it prettier & easier to use. In the meantime, you’ll probably be able to find the same info by searching/trawling through our archives.

73 Responses to “The Recycle This Recycling for Charity Directory”

  1. I’m always in favor of people and companies who choose to recycle goods for charity! It’s hard to believe how the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” rings so true in these situations. Thanks for the directory listings. Here’s a tip: If you have a large amount of scrap and is considering to get a private company to haul your junk away, make sure you call and ask them what they do with the materials that they collect! Believe it or not, most of them simply take your stuff and throw it away at the dumpsters without any thought whatsoever that the less fortunate could make good use of it.

  2. Debbie says:

    I have a kids club that I help sponser…we want to teach the kids on how they can make a difference..we have been given to garbage bags of med.bottles and pill bottles..any way we can help in colleting these for charity??
    ler me know asp….

    • Carol Schmitt says:

      I have been looking for an organization to donate used medicine bottles (like the kind you get at a pharmacy). What I found is that you can donate these to AMVET. They use them for medical charities and clinics in disadvantaged countries. The address is:

      I plan on sending my medicine bottles there (I have a lot). Hope this helps you.

      Edited by Louisa: AMVET say they no longer accept the bottles

  3. Nancy says:

    My Mom is interested in starting a recycling project in her local adult community. She is interested in collecting empty perscriptions bottles. Can anyone provide any details on where these bottles can be donated and any restrictions. Your help is great appreciated.

    • Hi

      I would like to add Camara to the list of recycle for charity groups.

      Camara take in used computers, refrubish them and send them to schools in Africa.

      We will also be collecting mobile phone for cash.

      In Belfast we are in Unit 23 and 24 Townsend Enterprise Park, Townsend Street, Belfast, BT13 2ES

      • Paul Baxter says:

        I could possibly have a few items for you. A monitor & a couple of keyboards, maybe a laptop.
        They belong to members of my family and I will have to ask them first.

    • tanya weaver says:

      Hi, Nancy,

      Is your mom still recycling empty prescription bottles? If so, we’d be happy to receive them! We use thm for children with AIDS in Africa. Our website is if you want to find out more about us, but bottles can be sent to:

      [address deleted]

      Thank you!


      [RECYCLE THIS edit: AFCA have told us they’re no longer collecting bottles so I’ve deleted the address]

      • JOYCE BOLEN says:


  4. EduHope (Educational Hope) says:

    I would like to add EduHope to the list of charities collecting books, we are collecting school books for African…..our aim is to make live not a living. Please help with informations on how to get books from school…do this a bless people of Afrcan with knowledge..bless.

  5. Jill Close says:

    Hi, I’m the project manager for the used printer cartridges, ink jets and mobile phones recycling scheme for St Kentigern Hospice in St Asaph, Denbighshire, N.Wales. They are a small hospice that needs all the help it can get.

    Please add them to the list, and if anyone would like some of our prepaid envelopes to return ink jets or mobiles, please email me.



  6. Alison McLaughlin says:

    Clann Sona is a charity who send clothes,food,medical supplies and furniture to romania. At the moment we are needing a new van and to raise the funds we are collecting mobile phones and empty inkjet cartlidges. All donations of phones and inkjet will then be sent to Recycle4charity who then send a cheque to the charity.

  7. Tracy says:

    hi, our local pre school has been given about 3years before it has to be shut if we do not receive funding to repair as the builing is starting to break away. in the mean time while trying to raise these funds we need to cut back on the spending. so anything from toys, books, games, paint, crafts, anything thing you can possible think of. please help as it is a great pre school one of the best in our town.

  8. Judith Vandepeer says:

    We have got aprox 100 English language (TEFL) books we would like to recycle. The are in reasonable order, but are old editions or a little dated. Any ideas? We are in Hastings, E Sussex

  9. Andi says:


    My company is winding down and is going to get rid of bits and pieces in the office.
    We have a lot of stationery items, including some stackable in-trays, a lot of ring binders/folders (about 30, mostly cardboard ones but a few are plastic) – used but nothing a sticker on the spine won’t hide, excess envelopes, a lot of manilla folders in a variety of colours (these have been written on but labels could cover them or as they are card, they could be used to make things), plastic wallets, pen holders, staplers, hole punches, bulldog clips, scissors. Some items are new or near new but some are obviously older with writing on them so if that doesn’t bother you at all.
    I’m sure there are other bits and pieces I will find when clearing it all out.

    We are based in central London and are happy for someone to collect it, or we could make arrangement for it all to be sent depending on location.

    We are looking at giving it all away to a charity that can either sell it on to make money for their charity or a charity that perhaps gives it to schools overseas, or even a school here that could make use of it.

    If you are a charity or a school that would like to take any of this off our hands, please email me on

    Many thanks,

  10. Adigidzi Oscar Kotso says:


    I am currently scouting for books for my community secondary school in Nigeria. If anyone is willing to donate, please reach me on 07870285388 or my e-mail. Cheers

    • Suzanne Robinson says:

      I belong to International Inner Wheel group which do a lot of charity work worldwide. My grandaughters primary school wishes to work with us in donating school uniforms, learning journals, books, pens, paper etc. They would like it to go to help set up a new school or add an extra classroom or something and they would like to be able to keep in touch with the school, can anyone make a suggestion please. email:

    • Liz Gifford says:

      Have a box of Maths textbooks. How can I get them to you

  11. tanya weaver says:

    Please add the American Foundation for Children with AIDS as an organization who will gladly take empty plastic medicine bottles, as well as bed sheets. They can be used, but need to be clean, unstained and not ripped.

    Our address is:

    [address deleted]

    Thank you!


    [RECYCLE THIS edit: AFCA have told us they’re no longer collecting bottles so I’ve deleted the address]

    • Anonymous says:

      Tanya, I have quite a few empty medicine bottles that I would like to send to you. I can be reached at if you no longer need them.

      I have also placed your site on my favorites and when I can, I will try to donate some money; just know that I am on a limited budget and cannot due much. Oh! I will also circulate your info to my friends.

      Mrs. Johnson-Smith

      • Sandra Anderson says:

        Tanya, is the AFCA still collecting pill/medicine bottles? I have several and have friends who would like to donate theirs as well.

    • tanya says:

      Sandra, we are no longer accepting bottles. Thank you so much for your offer, though.


  12. Anonymous says:

    I am currently collecting stamps, mobile phones and printer cartridges for Yorkhill Childrens hospital. All items can be sent direct to me

    64 Horatius Street
    ML1 3RS

    • Sarah Bent says:

      I have got a lot of used stamps – are you still collecting them for Yorkhill Childrens Hospital?

      • Alison McLaughlin says:

        Yes I am still collecting for Yorkhill all donations of stamps mobiles or printer cartridges are appreciated

  13. My charity organisation ( is looking for unwanted school/academic books and PCs (maths, language, business and sciences), any kind of books you can provide would be very helpful, for donation to (Ogun state) Nigerian schools and Community Libraries. “Every little helps”

    • Sarah Toyne says:

      I have old Religious Education and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education text books.
      Please let me know if you are interested. I might be able to get other subjects as well. Whole class sets.

      with thanks

  14. Donna says:

    I have large prescription bottles w/childproof caps, amber colored (no labels) which I have saved and sent to my friend in another state to donate to a Matthew 23 charity that sends them to Africa. My friend has recently passed away and I want to send these on but have no idea where to send them. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much. Donna

  15. Gertrude Belcher says:

    I have different sizes of pill bottles that I would like to use to raise money to help my husband as a cancer patient with his medical bill. To make this happen what advice would you give me in this effort. Thanks!

  16. churchmouse says:

    I belong to an service organisation in UK and we would like to launch a recycling appeal for buttons – old or new ! An appeal for all those old buttons lying around the home or on discarded clothing. We would hope to collect a considerable amount of buttons and donate them to a charity. Does any one know a charity who would have a market or outlet for buttons.

    • Andrea says:

      A friend has a mom who was an international fabric artist and has a plethora of buttons to get rid of since her mom has Alzheimer’s. Please send me your contact info. Thank you.

      • marlene downey says:

        Hi Andrea,
        We did collect buttons and we sent them to an Oxfam shop for recycling/selling on.We have finished with this project but am sure if you contact Oxfam they would be most grateful for your friends button collection.

    • Ro Palmer says:

      I have a bag of buttons if you would like them. If so, please give me your address. And I will forward them to you.



    • Wallace Goodhind says:


      We have an assortment of clothing buttons we have acquired over many years which we would like to recycle

      We are willing to post them to you to recycle instead of just putting them in the Rubbish bin


      W F Goodhind

      • wanda says:

        I would love the buttons. I can take them off your hands. Please contact me. I sew and make crafts with them. Thanks

  17. Allen Harrison says:

    I have a very large amount (tonnes) of unused dog food bags.
    They are made of a plastic material and are lined with aluminium.
    They would be great used as a freezer bag, or for a craft workshop.
    Please email if you have an interest, free to a good home, many sizes.

  18. Marion Booker says:

    Does anyone know of a charity that will accept approx 50 pre-recorded videos?

  19. Hi – we collect a number of items which can be either reused or recycled including mobile phones, small printer cartridges (freepost envelopes availailable for both of these items) plus used stamps, old postcards (pre 1960’s), used books in good conditions, old unwanted jewellery (fine and fashion items). All items can be delivered to the BRACE Appeal office, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol BS16 1LE and the proceeds of sale are all used to finance research into Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Thank you

    • Carrie says:

      I have a lot of ring binders that we would like to donate at my place of work in Bristol. Would you like them or do you know anyone that would accept them?

  20. kathleen behrin says:

    hi i have got lot off video films some are kids and some films i need to get rids of them if you know where i can get them or someone can pick them up i will be greatful i dont drive thanks you.x

  21. bill dickson says:

    until I had a kidney transplant recently, I was on home dialysis. I now have 20 boxes of unopened and current boxes of Baxter physioneal 1.36 5 litre twin bag and a quantity of extraneal 2 litre fluids for use with Baxter Pro homechoice APD mc. All still sealed and unopened. Any charity that is collecting medical supplies for overseas is welcome to get in touch. Mid Derbyshire. email

  22. Sharon says:

    I work for a group of private hospitals, the nursing staff are being issued with new uniforms. Is there a charity that needs nurses tunics.

    • tanya says:

      Sharon, we’ll use them! Please send to

      American Foundation for Children with AIDS
      6221 Blue Grass Avenue
      Harrisburg, PA 17112

      Thank you so much!


    • Marlene Downey says:

      Hi Sharon,
      I have forwarded your offer on to my organisation Soroptimist International, which is a worldwife organisation for women…we have many clubs across UK and one of them might have a good home for your uniforms.

  23. Patty G. says:

    I have quiet a lot
    Of buttons that I am not going to use.Is there any where I can send them to be recycled.

  24. Cath says:

    I have a bag of assorted buttons that I would like to put to some use rather than just throw away, anyone any use for them. I’m in Ireland but will gladly post to UK.

  25. Jude Davies says:

    4 years ago our village sent a shipment of second hand items to a town in Swaziland – to the orphanage, the library and the hospital. The shipment included toys, kids & adult clothes, towels, sheets, books etc. I have been collecting half heartedly ever since, so have a lot of stuff in my garage, but am moving house so need to shift it.

    The experience of shipping at this end was fine, but dreadful once the container arrived in Africa. It was so hard to get the stuff to the right destination as the bureaucracy was very difficult to navigate. I was one of a team doing this and one of us had lived there for 2 years, so it wasn’t like we were going into it blind.

    Anyway, due to the experience we had 4 years ago and my current time pressures, I am looking for a charity who will do the shipping for me. Everything will be donated, and I don’t really mind where the items go BUT they need to go to people who need them.

    Does anyone have any suggestions please? Thanks,

  26. Darla says:

    Looking for a mission that will accept used pill bottles. Please indicate stipulations, such as size, color. I will remove all labels. I have 2 family’s that would like to recycle them to a good cause. Please leave message and an address for shipping. Thanks.

  27. Jody says:

    i have Ob-GYn medical audiotapes over 300 with all deff topics .I would like to donate them where medical studant can still use it

  28. Kath Kearns says:

    hi i have lots of caerdboard for a one collection for recycling where the money goes to a charily could you point me in the right direction please

  29. Lena Aayne says:

    Charities can make great use of collected postage stamps from all over the world, common and rare, to fundraise, by selling them on to philatelists and collectors.

    Please, visit our website today to find a charity that you would like to support. The website is updated monthly, and new charities are welcome to be added to the list as well.
    Each charity is listed with the address to send donations to, and the date that they last confirmed their details, so that you know how up to date the listing is.

    We are a free, volunteer run directory.
    To add your charity, please send us the name of the charity, a postal address for donations to be sent to, and a few words about what your charity does. Don’t forget to re-confirm with us monthly so that your charity appears near the top of the list.

  30. Sudhir says:

    I would like to donate garments

  31. Kate Cole says:

    I’m currently in college and my school does little it means of recycling. I would like to donate all plastic bottles that I can collect around campus to a charity but I don’t know of any that would accept them and use the recycling money for themselves. Do you know anyone I could contact?

  32. Appeal for school stationery and learning materials for a Primary school at Bathurst village – Freetown, Sierra Leone. Founded (Bathurst) 10 October 1816
    My name is Osman Tholley. I am a retired UK Civil Servant and have lived, studied and worked in the United Kingdom for many years. My purpose of contacting you is to kindly ask for assistance in donating stationery and learning materials to our project at Bathurst village, in Freetown, Sierra Leone. As you have been hearing from the international news media, the Ebola epidemic has had a devastating impact on Sierra Leone in regards to its economy and the horrific number of people who have been killed by the virus. Bathurst village is one of the most deprived areas in Sierra Leone and has also been one of the affected, since the Ebola outbreak, resulting in a large number of orphans. The suffering started from the 9 years rebel war in 1991, during which many people lost their lives when the village was set on fire and became deserted for a long time.
    As a patriotic UK and Sierra Leone citizen, I felt it incumbent upon myself to make my own contribution in reviving the life of Bathurst by concentrating on the education of its residents, through sharing my knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, knowledge and experience alone are not enough to meet our target and this is why I am soliciting you to please come to our aid. Our main aim is to build a primary school, a secondary school, a medical centre and an Adult Training Centre, particularly for the children who are desperately in need of help. We are also sincerely asking for financial assistance from the general public in raising the sum of £4m to build a new Primary School, a Secondary School, an Adult Training Centre and a Medical Centre. The village has only one old primary school with virtually no chairs. There are no toilets within the building. School children have to use unhealthy outside pit toilets. The nearest secondary school is miles away and school children have to walk bear footed to reach it. By the time they are there, exhaustion has taken its toll, resulting to hunger, tiredness and lack of concentration in class rooms.
    People have perished and are still perishing. They die by the day and in large numbers. Whole families are being wiped out. Perhaps where the Country goes from here will only be determined by time and the Almighty God. Nothing is moving and the already shattered economy continues to shrink. Normally at festive periods of the year, tourists and holiday makers visit the country in hundreds, thus subscribing to the country’s foreign exchange earnings. Unfortunately, 2014 and the present is different. Almost all foreign investors and workers have left. All countries of the World with the exception of Air Brussels and Air Maroc, have stopped their flights to the country. There are currently more beggars in the street than ever. Not to mention the increase in the number of orphans by the day. Teenage pregnancy has also mounted , as a result of the suspension of academic education, for fear of the spread of the disease. Moreover, crime rates continue to increase as school boys deprived of their education and with nothing to do, engage in criminal activities. It is upsetting to think about how much the country has gone through, from a 9 years rebel war out break in 1991 to currently fighting a deadly and invisible enemy (Ebola).
    I would be grateful if you could please donate stationary and other learning towards PROJECT BATHURST (SL) LTD. Many of the children and adults have most likely never ever seen a computer. We need your assistance in reviewing hope with the children and residents of Bathurst, so that they can achieve better quality of life with education. I trust that you will see the great impact this will have on the lives of those in Sierra Leone affected by Ebola. Like other NGO. Organisations, the project is regulated by the Charity Commission. Our website is and Email: (

    Thank you for your support

    I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience
    Yours faithfully,

    Osman Tholley (MBA)
    Tel. 07905798835

  33. Rose Cane says:

    I have approx 40 used ring binders all in very good condition. I would like to doante to another school either in England or overseas. Can anyone advise who I should contact please?

  34. charlotte greenwood says:


  35. Gavin O'Brien says:

    I am looking to donate university uniforms (tunics + trousers for healthcare professionals). If anyone knows of any websites I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  36. Margaret says:

    I have lots of books to give away, all kinds, all subjects, but I have no means of transporting them so you would have to be prepared to collect them from a Manchester address. They are boxed up already so you simply need to collect them.
    I will give them to anyone who wants them but will give priority to a charity organisation if you bring your charity I.D. with you.

  37. helen says:


    The company that I work at have some old uniforms that we would like to donate. There are 2 piece suits, dress shirts for male and female. We need someone who can come for a pick up though.


  38. Hi
    We have 3-4 large boxes of work clothing to donate, including polo shirts, jumpers and fleeces. These all have our company logo embroidered onto them so this would either need to be removed or the clothing sent overseas. All clothing unworn and as new condition. Depending on location we may be able to deliver.
    Going forward we may also be looking to donate used work wear too.

    Please get in touch if you can help.

    Many thanks

  39. wanda says:

    I have a box full of used prescription bottles if any would could use them. Contact me

  40. Diana Thornton says:

    Hello! We have two large containers of work clothing to donate, including button down, polo shirts, etc that have a company logo on them so they would need to go overseas if possible. We would love to be able to send these to a group in need. If we can’t find someone to donate to, they will just be sent to the incinerator. Please let me know if there is anyone that can help!

    Thank you!

    • Cheri Rinkevich says:

      Wouldn’t it be better to donate the clothing to a Salvation thrift store or to the Goodwill? That way at least they won’t end up in the landfill.


  41. Saffron Glenister says:

    Hi. My children’s schools are changing their uniforms and I would like to set up donations for schools in Africa or refugees. I am really struggling to find out how to do this though, can any one help. TIA

  42. Natasha Angetter says:

    Hi, I have lots of unused school uniform ages 4-7. We have changed our logo and wondered where we could send it.

  43. Judith Gibson says:

    I am an occupational therapist with years of back copies of The British Journal of Occupational Therapy. It seems such a waste to throw them away when there is a possibility that they might be of use to others studying occupational therapy in developing countries, but with limited access to internet. I would greatly appreciate it please if someone could advise on how best to go about journal donation? Kind regards

  44. Michelle Markham-Gebbie says:

    I have a large quantity of old keys (a few hundred plus) are you able to take these for recycling especially for a charity?

    Many thanks


  45. Its a very good social work , it should be done after every couple of months !!

  46. Julie says:

    Hi I volunteer for Cancer Research we collect Inkjets, bras,unused foreign coins or notes, used stamps. Please donate

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