How can I reuse or recycle packaging cushions?

Inflated packaging cushionsWe got some computer hardware bits delivered a few weeks ago and the box was filled out with those inflated cushion things.

When we’ve had them in the past, I’ve always thought “I wonder how I can recycle th- oh, they’re compostable corn starch type plastic. Great!” but this current load is regular plastic so won’t be ending up in my compost heap. They’re still better than polystyrene beads or other old school packaging though.

The plastic seems to be the same as supermarket carrier bags so I suspect they can be recycled in the same places as those.

But what about reuses? They seem to be holding their inflatableness quite well so I think one lot will be used as a bath pillow. Other suggestions?

(Apologies for the bad photo – it turns out it’s quite difficult to photograph things that are clear… If you’ve not familiar with them, they’re essentially inflated plastic bags. The ones we have are about 5x15cm (2x6inches) each and are in rows of 3 or 4 joined along the long edge.)

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10 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle packaging cushions?”

  1. Jason C says:

    Most of them are #4 plastics and can be recycled with the grocery bags like you said. You can also use them to insulate windows if you tape them together – much like using bubble wrap for solar insulation. Google DIY Solar


  2. renee says:

    Tape a whole bunch together for a lilo?

  3. Katie says:

    Sell them on ebay

  4. Maureen says:

    Most types of packaging can be dropped off any any mailing store to be reused. I recently dropped out the exact type you are talking about. :)

  5. Katie says:

    I have used these in the bottom of flowerpots when I’m planting flowers and bulbs . I put them in the bottom to help with drainage or in a big pot so you don’t need to put so much soil in and they keep the weight of the pot down :)

  6. Kris says:

    Find somebody who sell breakables on Ebay and give them to them.

  7. christi says:

    Go to a “freecycle” site and offer them. If ur not familiar with freecycle u should be. It is a great site where people can get things they need free or give away stuff like clothes,baby gates, strollers…the list is endless. I got a 10 gal fish tank for my son and some bird houses

  8. dotjay says:

    Do compostable plastics have a special number or code?


  9. Becky says:

    If I don’t need them for shipping I sometimes get the air out and mail them back to the company that produced them in the first place (its name is usually on the bags) and ask that they recycle them.

    I believe companies should take more responsibility for recycling the things they produce. This is my first step towards that goal.

  10. Gulia says:

    Make colorful pillowcases for them. Little girls will be happy to have such pillows for their dolls.

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