Recycling for Charity: medicine, pill and vitamin bottles

This page lists charities and other organisations collecting empty plastic pill, vitamin and medicine bottles.

If any details are incorrect or you know of any other groups collecting them, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the listings.

Who wants it Why Country Contact details
No one at the moment If you’re a charity or organisation that collects old medicine or pill bottles, please leave your details below.


391 Responses to “Recycling for Charity: medicine, pill and vitamin bottles”

  1. Jill Svejkosky says:

    I was trying to respond and found that the Malawi Project has ended.
    Then I found this one:
    Please send pill bottles to-
    Matthew 25: Ministries
    11060 Kenwood Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45242

    • Aretha says:

      I just want to know ware you still collecting medicine bottles

    • V Williams says:

      Is this project still active?
      I have been collecting medicine bottles for over a year now, but learned that the Malawi Project has ended.
      If this project is no longer active, please send any others that you are aware of before I discard the ones I have collected.

    • Angela says:

      Is Matthew 25 Ministries still accepting orange Rx bottles as of today?

    • Kim Anderson says:

      Hello I have alot of empty pill bottles that I’ve boiled and trying to find somewhere that needs them. Is the address for Matthew 25: Ministies the place to ship them at

  2. Kathy Danby says:

    These containers can simply be used to hold small screws and nails once the original labels have been removed. Alternatively use them to make up a “home remedy” box – stain removers etc.

  3. Sherri Locke says:

    To “Anonymous Angie” from June 16th you say you need bottles to make fishing and sewing kits for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes, I would like more information on how you make these little kits and the tic tac toe games to possibly make this a similar project our church can do together for the shoe boxes we fill every year. If you can help me out I would appreciate it my email is thanks

    • Barb Mehaffey says:

      To: Sherri Locke—I was wondering if you ever received an answer regarding the fishing and sewing kits—-what they put in them? Any help would be appreciated.


      • Anonymous says:

        I have made many sewing kits with the pill bottles, for OCC. I used old bobbins, many from yard sales or thrift, and wound multiple colors of thread. I put about three in the bottle. Then added, safety pins, buttons, snaps, and a couple of needles. I made a tiny card stock slip of paper to stick the needles in. Lastly I rolled ribbons to fill the bottle. I labeled the outside by printing a sheet of cardstock with rows saying “sewing kit”, cut them out and applied them with large clear tape. Hope that helps.
        If you use larger bottles, you may be able to put in 1″ square Velcro strips, a short zipper, or other notions.
        Your group can clear out their sewing boxes and bring things they don’t need. Also, trim the hang ribbons out of all those shirts and dresses to include. It might make a cut addition to a little ones dress, socks or hair. Have fun!❤️❤️

  4. M&M Battery Recycling says:

    I donate all of my family’s med bottles to the Social Welfare Clinic here in town. If you can’t find a place to take them, you can send them to me and I will drop them off at the clinic here where they are desperately needed. Thanks. 2314 Olive Street, Saint Joseph, MO 64507

    • Kim says:

      I have a box of pill bottles of all sizes that I was going to send to a ministry but they don’t need them. Can I send that box to you?

    • Anonymous says:

      I just wrote down the address to send the pill bottles and is there a name that I should put on the address label.
      Thank you
      Lion Debbie

      • lynn jensen says:

        I also have a box that I can ship down for your clinic in St. Joseph, MO — I will mail the box to 2314 Olive Street in St. Joseph, MO 64507– is there a name you would like me to put on the box for you before I ship it down — thanks — Mrs. Lynn Jensen, North St. Paul, MN

      • Ken Hillard says:

        Are you still accepting pill bottles
        M&M Battery

      • M&M Battery Recycling says:

        Ken Hillard, Yes I am still accepting any donations. Thanks

    • M&M Battery Recycling says:

      I recently recieved 2 boxes of med bottles, i have cleaned them and will be taking them in Monday. I thank you and the Clinic thanks you also. ( Specifically thanking those donors from Yuba City, CA and Merrick, NY) you know who you are.

      • Bill Lutz says:

        Sixty more bottles on the way.

      • Kim says:

        Hello, just want to make sure you are still accepting pill bottles? I have upwards of 100 and I was wondering if you know the easiest and most cost effective way to send them? Thanks a lot- Kim Downers Grove Il

      • M&M Battery Recycling says:

        Kim, yes still accepting but i do not know which way is cheapest to send them.

    • Anastatia Knight says:

      I have prescription bottles cleaned with lids ready to be sent. Let me know by email if you still receive them.

    • Julie says:

      Are you still collecting medicine bottles? I have a bunch that I was going to send to a charity; however, they are no longer in need.
      Thank you,

    • Francie Beveridge says:

      I would like to know if I can still send medicine bottles? I have at least 100. Thanks

    • Sherry Lesher says:

      I always have empty pill bottles and would love to donate them. Can I send them to you still?

    • Penny Saul says:

      Hi! Are you still taking empty medicine bottles? I have about 100 or less that I would like to donate. Also, do I address the box to M&M Battery Recycling? I was also going to donate them to the Malawi Project but just found there project is closed.
      Thank You
      Penny Saul

      • M&M Battery Recycling says:

        Penny, yes I am still accepting them and you can address the box to M&M Battery Recycling or to Marc Salisbury, whichever you choose does not matter.

    • T Massey says:

      M&M Battery Recycling – are you still in need of medication bottles? I would be very happy to send you a box full. Thank you for caring so much about others.

      • T Massey says:

        Sorry M&M, I reckon if I had scrolled down a bit further I would have seen the answer to my question! Sorry about that! I think the fact that you are making such an effort to help others is admirable. Thank you.

    • Brenda Ball says:

      Are you still collecting used pill bottles? If so, could you please respond with any information necessary for donations of them? I have several others that would really like to do the same. Thanks!

    • Chris says:

      I have medical equipment, bandages, etc along with pill bottles that have been piling up.

      Do you need them for the clinic?

      please email me asap.

      Thank you


      • Helene Plourde says:

        Hello, If you haven’t yet found someone to take your medical equipment, you may want to check with your local Rotary Club. Rotary is an International organization and does many projects in foreign countries that can always use medical supplies. Our Club just sent a container filled with crutches, etc to Africa. Good luck!

    • Brenda Ball says:

      Wondering if the pill containers are still needed. Would appreciate the information as in what their expectations would be for the bottles prior to shipping…labels or not and etc. I have not been keeping them but do recycle them locally. I’ll be glad to begin saving them as soon as I receive a response from you. Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have about 25 used, clean prescription bottles. May I send them to you?

    • Paula Trimble says:

      I had been collecting empty plastic pill bottles for the Malawi Project. They are clean and have the labels removed. Can you still recycle them through M & M Battery?

      Thank you

    • Anonymous says:

      Can your clinic still use the pill bottles? I haven’t heard back from the Matthew 25 folks & I have a lot of bottles

    • Cathy Rowan says:

      HI, I wanted to send out my pill bottles and saw you request from 2016 for them at your local clinic. Can you still use some? I’d be happy to send them your way. I have sent many to other charities. We are a homeschool group and collect year round.

      Thank you.

  5. Madaline Perras Weber says:

    I belong to Tomball United Methodist church and we have been collecting and cleaning medicine bottles for Mawlay in Africe but they are no long taking them. Do you have and information to a location in the Tomball TX area? (North of Houston) Thank you

  6. Arleen says:

    Empty PILL Bottle Collection

    Pill Bottle Donations
    Matthew 25: Ministries accepts donations of empty plastic pill bottles for inclusion in shipments of medical supplies and for shredding and recycling. Our pill bottle program fulfills the dual needs of improving medical care in developing countries and caring for our environment.
    Acceptable collection items include:
     Prescription and over-the-counter pill bottles
     Large and small pill bottles
     Pill Bottles with and without secure caps (child resistant)
    Pill bottles that are not appropriate to include with shipments of medical supplies are recycled for cash that goes towards Matthew 25: Ministries’ programs. If you wish to prepare bottles for shipment rather than recycling, please adhere to the following guidelines:
     Bottles included in shipments of medical supplies must have an all plastic lid.
     Sort bottles by color and type.
     Remove labels, leaving no glue or residue.
     Wash bottles in very hot water and dish soap.
     Rinse and dry thoroughly.
     Replace lids on clean, dried bottles.
     Place clean, recapped bottles in large ziplock bags marked “Clean Bottles.” These will be blended with medical supplies.

  7. Rick Schultz says:

    All pill bottles are recyclable. Look at bottom and you will see the triangle. The organizations that were collecting and the one that was sending them overseas found out that there is no place for them to store them over there…. The collection of these has stopped a long time ago…. Make sure you put them in your local recycle bins.

  8. M&M Battery Recycling says:

    For everyone asking about donating the pill bottles, please contact your local veterinary hospitals, if they don’t want them ,then start checking with your local free clinics or social welfare clinics that have in house pharmacies. Those types of places usually welcome donations due to the fact that it is expensive to purchase the pill bottles new, and they prefer to spend their budget on making sure they have the meds to give to their patients. If you live in a small town that doesn’t have those types of facilities try the larger cities near you. Or if thats too much trouble, you can send them to me and I will donate them to my local Social Welfare Clinic as they always need the containers for both the Welfare Clinic and the Homeless Outreach Clinic. If inclined my address is:

    Marc Salisbury
    2314 Olive
    St. Joseph, MO

  9. Mischiefmaker says:

    Samaritan’s Purse / World Medical Mission is a Christian evangelical organization that is accepting empty pill bottle donations (no labels, no sticky residue). I tried finding a non-religious group but have had no success. I called a local animal hospital and they also said no.

    World Medical Mission
    801 Bamboo Road
    Boone, NC 28607

    • Anonymous says:

      I have many pill bottles…I’m familiar with Samaritans Purse and Franklin Graham. How do I send them?? Regular mail??

    • Racquel says:

      I am part of a non-profit community service club in Central Florida. We have collected used pill and vitamin bottles for about 6 months and donated them to our local Human Society hospital clinic. They have plenty and do not need any more. Can we send our collection to World Medical Mission, do they still have a need?

  10. Rick Schultz says:

    Angie, Send me your address, I’ll send you pill bottles.

  11. Shayla says:

    As of December 2015 the Malawi Project is no longer accepting pill bottles. I’ve got nearly a hundred because my friends give them to me for Malawi. Now I’m looking for other charities to donate them to. You’ve given me some ideas and I thank you!

  12. Lorella Bartley says:

    I would like to send the medicine bottles that I have collected and need a address where to send them.
    Thanks, Lorella Bartley

  13. says:

    I have pill bottles to donate. Send me a mailing address.

  14. Audrey says:

    If anyone is still in need if pill bottles just send me an address and I will send out the box I have.

  15. Bev Cooley says:

    Where can I send empty prescription bottles. Would rather they be used for something good instead of just recycled .

  16. Virginia Washburn says:

    I have a lot of pill bottles to recycle. Can you send me the address and details? Thanks

  17. Linda Howard says:

    I have been and still am collecting the pill bottles for third world countries. I need to know an address to mail them soon.


    Linda Howard
    118 Bluebird
    Richland, Ms 39218

  18. Regina broyles says:

    Hi, i have a ton of bottles i can send out this week. They are a bunch of sizes.

  19. Teresa - Mansfield Civitan says:

    Mansfield Civitan, a non profit organization has collected over 300 pill bottles to send. Confused if we need to wash and dry the bottles BEFORE mailing OR if you will do that? Please instruct for we wish to help as much as possible. I will mail to your address in St. Joseph Missouri that is previously given.

    • M&M Battery Recycling says:

      It’s nice if all i have to worry about is sanitizing them, but it don’t really matter either way. There are volunteers at the clinic whose only job is to prep the bottles for reuse.

    • M&M Battery Recycling says:

      Thank you. I received both boxes and your note. I have them bagged up and ready to be taken to the clinic Friday afternoon.

  20. P. Norwich says:

    Have lots of med bottles. Can I send them to you? Please send current address.

  21. Sheryl Moeller says:

    I am wondering if there is any updated info (2017) of a place that could use empty medicine bottles? I am just starting to save them and would love to put them to use somewhere.

  22. Joanne Raymond says:

    Do you accept over the counter empty bottles or just prescription bottles?

  23. Linda says:

    Hi there! I have about 50-75 empty, clean, bottles. Does anyone out there have a use for them? I am willing to ship where needed. Thanks.

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  25. Hildred says:

    This piece was a wake-up signal for me. I mean I’ve hearded about this like hundred times
    however this time is different in some way.

    Thanks a lots for doing this.

  26. Ivy Benavides says:

    I have a lot of empty pill bottles. Where can I donate them to that is currently accepting them

  27. chuck N says:

    Ive got several hundred clean, label removed of these bottles…but it would cost alot to mail them anyplace…you would think if these things are that expensive the places that want them would have some prepaid service to send them..please advise i hate to take these to the recycle center…they are piling up and i do not have room..its a shame no one locally in Litchfield Illinois, Montgomery County wants them that i know of..thanks.guys

  28. Lisa Lindemuth says:

    Are you still accepting pill bottles? We are an over 55 community. Thank you.

  29. Barb says:

    M&M Battery Recycling:

    I was so happy to find you. Where ever our church was sending medicine bottles is no longer collecting them. So I had to get on line to find where I could send the many bottles my husband and I have been saving. I will be mailing them in a few weeks.

    Thank-you very much for doing this service.

  30. Judy Honsowetz says:

    to M & M Battery Recycling in St Joseph, Mo.
    I looked you up on line and see that you are a recycling center. Does that mean you just melt down the plastic from empty pill bottles? I am assuming that they do not get used for charity to repackage medicine for the poor. Am I correct?
    Do you pay for the plastic bottles like you pay for metal to recycle?

    • M&M Battery Recycling says:

      Judy Honsowetz, no I run a recycling depot, i do not have the equipment to do that kind of thing. I donate the medicine bottles to the Social Welfare Board Medical Clinic here, they sanitize them and reuse them. And no i do not pay anything for them.

  31. Nanette Labadie says:

    Are you still taking empty pill bottles? If so where should I address the box too?
    Thank you.

  32. M&M Battery Recycling says:

    Okay, I am getting pretty overrun with pill bottles lately. And that’s fine, the problem is, that a lot of them are recently are pretty nasty, and take way to much extra time to clean, so the clinic has been throwing some away. Please clean the bottles before sending them. And please note that they no longer take any vitamin or pill bottles that have had an aluminum seal on top of them as those can not be thoroughly sanitized due to the fact that some of the aluminum is almost impossible to peel off of the top of the bottles. If you wish to donate over the counter bottles like that please send them to Matthew25 Ministries, as they accept those for use in foriegn countries. Remember the US has strict health laws that other countries don’t. You can find Matthew25’s info at Thanks.

  33. JANET WOLD says:

    Our women’s club has collected prescription bottles as a community
    project to keep them out of the landfill. Do you still take them and
    what are the requirements? These are clean and without labels but not
    washed. Also do you take others for recycling?
    Please reply; we are located in Iowa

  34. Elena Wagner says:

    M&M Battery Recycling, are you still accepting med bottles? Please send me your address.

  35. Judy B. Smith says:

    Are you still accepting clean, empty
    Pill bottles for use in a medical clinic?
    A group I am affiliated with has several
    hundred we would like to donate. We
    sent some to refugee clinics in Athens Greece but have
    more. Please let me know. Thanks.
    Judy Smith…Wilmington, NC

  36. Anonymous says:

    I am a member of the Boone County KY DAR chapter & have heard that a military veterans group excepts clean pill bottles but cannot find where to send the supply saved. Does anyone have information?
    Lynn Demi

  37. Rev. Sandra Carter says:

    Is M & M still accepting pill bottles. My congregation in Florence, SC have been donating.

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