How can I reuse or recycle baby wipe containers?

baby wipesWe’ve had an email from “trapkuspt” about reusing baby wipe containers:

The kind that have the pop up feature, so the opening is a soft plastic.

They have been great for holding plastic bags I want to reuse, cotton balls, puzzle pieces, etc.

And the thin wipes box for the diaper bag works pretty good for q-tips in the bathroom drawer.

I’ve also found that the hard plastic boxes are useful for filling with tissues in places where a cardboard tissue box would go soggy such as a steamy bathroom or near a splashtastic sink.

Other suggestions?

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7 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle baby wipe containers?”

  1. Trish says:

    Superglue is closed. Paint them (or allow the kids to) and the kids can use them as large blocks. There are a few brands that have circles to make them interlocking.

    Fill them with sand or rocks, superglue closed, use as a weight.

    Paint them, and turn them into planters.

    Picture storage. Water resistant, and bend proof.

    Use them for shipping. Insert item, tape closed, wrap, ship. GREAT for items that need extra crush protection.

    Put a small padlock on the door, use it as a portable safe. It won’t be 100% secure, but you’ll know if someone has been snooping. Great ideas for pre-teen girls who want to keep their diary away from their brother. Also, great idea to glue a mirror to the dispenser door.

    Use to store emergency kits. For example, flares, gauze, bandaids.

    Paint/decorate. Insert a box of kleenex. Use a tissue box cover.

    Use to store packets items. Koolaid, seeds, seasonings. Anything that comes in a pouch that isn’t too easy to store.

    Nail polish box.

    Use them as wipes. Buy the refills and refill the box.

  2. Patty says:

    Use as a small sewing kit and the small ones as a travel sewing or first aid kit.

    Just the right size for your young teen girl to store her tampons or pads in her school locker as not to just show the tampon or pad box or bag.

    Good crayon boxes.

    Store threads or craft paints and glue.

    Glue gun and glue stick holder.

    Those little things you use only at holidays like red or green sprinkles at Christmas or food coloring at Easter. Fill them with things like that and paint the box Christmas colors or just label Easter and store in the back of your cabinet until next year.

  3. Rose says:

    I used one in my car to keep plastic grocery bags, great for car trips when your kid throws up for the 100th time.

    Great for storing legos that come in a cardboard box.

    *I love the idea of the planter, these would be perfect for windowsill herbs.

  4. Selena says:

    I use one to keep my dryer sheets contained and from loosing thier freshness.

  5. Vitor says:

    i use my to keep new toothbrushes and tooth paste

  6. Olia says:

    Wash it and use for Kleenex.

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