Recycling for Charity: old bicycles

This page lists charities and other organisations collecting old bikes, bicycle-related tools and whatnot.

If any details are incorrect or you know of any other groups collecting them, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the listings.

Who wants it Why Country Contact details

The charity refurbishes and repairs bicycles and sends them out to impoverished communities in Africa to allow people greater access to work and education in their areas. The bikes are also used by AIDS/health workers to get out to remote villages.


There are depots in London, Colchester and Newcastle

Bikes of all types can be donated- even broken ones (but not ones that are completely rusted up) – but preferably adult ones that don’t need a complete overhaul.


Gremlin’s Cycle Library and Workshop

They take in donations of old bikes and refurbish or recycle them to help provide safe, inexpensive bikes for the community.

Some of the bikes go into their bike library to be loaned out to individuals and community groups.

UK – Oldham

Gremlin’s Cycle Library and Workshop,
Unit 3
Meridian Business Centre
King Street
Oldham OL8 1EZ

Email: gremlincyclelibrary ( a )

Community Can Cycle

Based in Castlemilk, Glasgow, the charity repairs local children’s bikes for free and refurbished unwanted bikes for (very cheap) sale to low-income families in the deprived area.

UK – Glasgow

Community Can Cycle
Unit 4a, 179 Drakemire Drive,
Drakemire Industrial Estate,
Castlemilk, Glasgow
G45 9SS



66 Responses to “Recycling for Charity: old bicycles”

  1. gordon neil says:

    Dear Sir,
    Our bike recycling project Known as Killie Can Cycle is a small
    offshoot of the Castlemilk Project in Glasgow which has now folded.
    We are based in Ayrshire and sell recycled bikes to less well off kids
    from between five and thirty pounds.We are a registered charity and
    are purely voluntary.We welcome anyone who wishes to donate bikes
    for recycling and can drop them at our project in the Shortlees area of
    Kilmarnock.For more info please contact myself Gordon Neil 01560

    • Margaret Cantell says:

      I wonder if you can help. My brother is a 58 year old man who has a hip problem and cannot walk any distance. He get around on his bicycle and loves this ‘iron horse’ as it allows him to get out of the house and exercise. His bicycle was stolen this morning from outside Murray’s shop in Main Street, Kilmarnock and the police have been no assistance at all. Would you have any bike at a very reasonable cost which he could look at. If so please contact me.
      Many thanks
      Margaret Cantell

      • gordon neil says:

        Hi Margaret,
        sorry to hear about your husbands bike.
        Im sure our supervisor John would be able to help your husband out
        with another Iron Horse.
        Please visit our workshop between 9 and 2pm at the former scout hall
        lainshaw park shortlees kilmarnock

    • Anonymous says:

      I have an old 24.inch wheel mountain bike, it’s got new tyres and works but needs serviced. Free to you if you want it.

    • Jason says:

      I have a 26in wheel plus a few nuts and bolts,i wanna recycle them,

    • Rod shanks says:

      I have a child,s bike and an adult bike, both in reasonable condition, are interested in them ?

  2. alan coates says:

    I have two adult bikes (mountain style many gears) and one kids bike ( for about 10 year old) for anyone who has a need and can collect. Bit of a mess all needs TLC and proabbly new inner tubes. Surrey

  3. Krish Kulkarni says:

    I have 2 Riley touring bikes, 1 gents and 1 lady’s, both in fair condition needing little attention. I would like them to go to a third world country. In my county, Hampshire there doesn’t appear to be any charity or collection point. Can you help?

  4. Michelle Moore says:

    Hi – are there any recycle facilities in N Ireland (Belfast area) for bikes for charity? I have three boys bikes (age range 7-15) I would like to donate, if they could be collected.

  5. daniel says:

    please i am looking for all types of bicycles to send to my native village in ghana africa for the less previledges an orphan.main aim is to bring a smiling face to the childrens and adults who living with diverse illness , to the poor farmers who just cant afford a means of transport to their farms .i look forward hearing from your honourable office .
    regards ,daniel .

  6. Mark says:

    Hi, I have 2 or 3 bikes in decent working order and some parts that I want to donate to the work in Africa but I live in Bradford and all the charities seem to be in or around London. Any ideas?

  7. Andrew Plumb says:

    I have several cycles and cycle parts available to donate to a charity.
    Can anyone inform me of such around S. Yorks

  8. sue plested says:

    i have 2 bikes for girls aged 9-12yrs. they need tyres pumped and attention to brakes. does any want them? no charge but need to collect.

  9. robert steele says:

    have 9 black bags off emty cans for you or any one out there to be recycling have phoned your number lots of times but no one will answer on 01560 480685

  10. Hi
    We recycle and repair old bikes in Hampshire and resell cheaply
    Please checkout our website
    Keep recycling

  11. keith burrell says:

    Please is looking for a Bike for is teenage son to cicycle to school, please reply if you can help, it would be nice if you are in the Bourough of Kingston upon Thames Surrey.

    Thanks Keith

  12. Kaz Habib says:

    Hi, I am looking for any old, mountain Bikes (adult ones) with the intention of restoring them as part of a Hospital project for inpatients. (I am an Activity Co-ordinator for the hospital in question. We treat patients with various Psychiatric health problems) We do not have sufficiant funds to Purchase any bikes so our plan is to restore some old ones and hopefully use them for a cycling group. The condition of the bikes is not important. So if you want to get rid of any old bikes rusting away in your garage or shed we’d love to take them off your hands! Or if anyone knows of any charities I could contact that would be great! We are based in Wakefield West Yorkshire. Thank you.

    • Josephine Worrall says:

      I have an old adult mountain bike which has newish tyres and shimano 15 spd gears – I would be happy to donate it but I cant get to Wakefield as I live in North Leeds
      I will be away from 18th – 25th July – if this is something you want pls let me know.

  13. Ruth Pearson says:

    I have several bikes in working order I would like to donate to any charity in North Derbyshire, South Yorkshire or further afield if they can be collected

    • kaz Habib says:

      Hi Ruth,

      My name is kaz, I posted a message on ‘’ asking if anyone had any bicycles for donations for a hospital project. I have been trying to source some bikes for our project for a few months now but have been unsucessful. I was delighted and excited to read your post about the bikes you have and would love to take them off your hands! Here is a copy of my origional post from the website:

      Hi, I am looking for any old, mountain Bikes (adult ones) with the intention of restoring them as part of a Hospital project for inpatients. (I am an Activity Co-ordinator for the hospital in question. We are a part of the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Tust. We treat patients with various Psychiatric health problems) We do not have sufficiant funds to Purchase any bikes so our plan is to restore some old ones and hopefully use them for a cycling group. The condition of the bikes is not important. So if you want to get rid of any old bikes rusting away in your garage or shed we’d love to take them off your hands! Or if anyone knows of any charities I could contact that would be great! We are based in Wakefield West Yorkshire. Thank you.

      I have spoked to my Ward manager who has told me that arrangements could be made to collect the bikes with our Trust vehicle. It would be great if you would consider donating them to us for our project and look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards


      • Ann Morley says:

        Hello Kaz, I have one bike, not a mountain bike but it is suitable for an adult male. I live in the Denby Dale area approximately 9 miles from Wakefield. Please email me if this sounds suitable for your project.

        Kind regards


  14. John Anderson says:

    Hi due to redundancy i filled my time overhauling old bikes ,i am a mechanic.
    I no have 6 adult mountain bikes , 2 boys / girls bikes and a childa bike .
    They are free to anyone who wants them

    • Susan says:

      Hi John

      I am looking for a bike to get gradual exercise due to putting on weight after quitting smoking. Where are you situated and can you deliver?

  15. juliet says:

    i ve read your mail about bikes Do you still have any of the adults ones??

  16. kaz habib says:

    Hi, I am looking for any old, mountain Bikes (adult ones) with the intention of restoring them as part of a Hospital project for inpatients. (I am an Activity Co-ordinator for the hospital in question. We treat patients with various Psychiatric health problems) We do not have sufficiant funds to Purchase any bikes so our plan is to restore some old ones and hopefully use them for a cycling group. The condition of the bikes is not important. So if you want to get rid of any old bikes rusting away in your garage or shed we’d love to take them off your hands! Or if anyone knows of any charities I could contact that would be great! We are based in Wakefield West Yorkshire. Thank you.

  17. steve simms says:

    Hi,I am looking for small quantities of black rod braked pre 1950 bicycles,ladies and gents,I to refurbish for a living history museum.will donate surplus,to a charity.prefer midlands area only due to collection.01743 718939.shropshire.

    • steve says:

      i am refurbishing a1954 raleigh and im struggling to get a rear wheel, rod brake type if you get one spare could you let me know.iam in the black country

  18. Lesley Wilson says:

    hi there I am looking for a BMX for my 10yr old son you have any???

  19. Nick Mellor says:

    Hi, I’ve got a racing bike that needs a bit of restoration (gears and chain rusty, new innertubes needed). I’m based in Ilkley but travel around Yorkshire with my job and can deliver bike if anybody is interested call m on 07870 892768.

  20. Talia says:


    I work on an estate where a large number of bikes have been left over the years. We need to dispose of these (approx. 50 – 60) and are offering these to anyone who would like to take them. We cannot deliver so they will need to be collected. They are all in good condition other than few burst tyres and knackered saddles.
    They will be available from 01st May.

  21. George O'Connell says:

    I’m from County Limerick, Ireland and I work for a company similar to KCC at this moment, we have a cluster of refurbished bikes including an electric one that might come in handy for your organization.

    Telephone 00353 1 2010708 if needed

  22. Jason 'Great White' (Shark: Beings Rights Person) Nall says:

    I live in South and South Florida, USA, and have two, badly neglected and early 80s bikes. I want to donate them to a organization just like this one (that rebuilds bikes, teaches the new owners how to take care of the bikes and the new owners cannot afford a bike) and of course, have the backup Goodwill option (what I usually donate everything to); however, I do not have any extra money to ship it to UK or any other state, really. So, is there any other organization, just like this one, that exists in South Florida (Homestead, Kendall or Miami)??

  23. Richard says:

    Hi. I have an old mountain bike if anyone wants it. It’s a men’s large frame with push-button gear selectors. Wheels need to be repaired/replaced, but otherwise in working order. To be collected from Nottingham. Pls email if interested.

  24. Hello

    I work on behalf of a charity organisation called The Bike Station who are based in Scotland across three different cities- Edinburgh, Perth and Glasgow. All three branches specialise in repairing and recycling old bicycles and bike parts in order to sell them on as second-hand bikes. The Bike Station was set up to help promote the use of bikes as an alternative, fun and environmentally friendly method of transport for people living and working in the city of Edinburgh and beyond. In order to try and promote biking as greener method of transportation The Bike Station strives towards adhering to their mission statement which is:

    ‘To repair unwanted bikes and put them back on the road [by providing]: cycling training, bike maintenance training and refurbishing bikes [in order] to promote cycling as a healthy and sustainable means of transport across Edinburgh, the Lothians, Perth and Kinross as well as beyond’ (Bike Station website:

    If you would like any more information please feel free to get in touch us because the Bike Station is very keen to get involved with online communities which positively promote recycling and biking in general.

    All the best

  25. Helen Shanks says:

    Hi there

    I would like to buy a women’s bike for my daughter
    Do you have anything that would be suitable ?


  26. Fozi says:


    Is there anywhere I can recycle a children’s bike in Leicester ?

  27. Mike says:

    Hi everyone, I see a lot of you are looking for somewhere to donate your unwanted/unused bike.

    Re~Cycle have just set up a page where you can punch in your town or Post Code and it will show you a map of centres accepting bike donations within a radius of your home.

    I hope you all find this helpful.

    Also, if you’re part of an organisation that wishes to be added to the map or our website listings, please get in touch via the contact form on the site.


    Mike @ Re~Cycle

  28. 'Great White' (Shark: Beings Rights Person) says:

    Mike @ Re~Cycle,

    Did me no good; because no locations near enough. Same problem that existed before you did what you did. Such, groups like yours needs to make the process so inexpensive that it can be done from any where.

    • We’d love to have a drop off point on every corner, as would most other charities like us I imagine, but sadly we’re run on a shoe string by volunteers and simply do not have the resources to do so.

      However, in the past some people have organised “bike drives” near them, and we or similar organisations have come and collected all the bikes. Have a look for something like this near you, or maybe even start one of your own!

  29. Dawn says:

    Hi Everyone
    This is a huge long shot. Avid cyclist but disabled due to a misdiagnosis. Really hoping that someone may be wanting to recycle an adult recumbent bike or trike or knows how to make a recumbent bike or trike by recycling bits from several bicycles. If there is anyone out there that could help me to become mobile again by cycling it would be the most amazing miracle! The misdiagnosis has had a HUGE impact not only on my life but on the lives of my three wonderful kids and my husband. Rather desperate to adapt to life post operations. Will be permanently disabled and live with terrible pain but want to make the best of life! Need to get back into moving about and cycling with any kind of recumbent bike. Long shot but if anyone out there wants to recycle a recumbent or knows how to make a low position recumbent from several broken bikes I’d be ever so grateful for my family and myself if you could please get in touch. It would literally be life changing! Thanks so much for your time.

  30. Sherry says:

    Hi I had some questions about starting a charity drive for used bikes. I wanted to talk to someone who would help me in getting started. Please let me know by email and I can exchange phone numbers or something to get ideas. Thank you very much. I can tell who ever gets in touch with me what the drive is for. I appreciate any help!

  31. Rosemary says:

    Hi All

    We take in donated bikes and re-cycle them to sell back into the community at a reduced cost. Check out our website to find out what else we do!

    Sherry (or anyone else) ring the shop and we’ll be happy to talk to you!


  32. 'Great White' (Shark: Beings Rights Person) Jason says:

    Since, never having my question answered, I found a even better way to recycle the old bicycles I had.

    My friend is my bicycle mechanic (30-years of custom building and repairing bicycles for professional racers and the public) and he is his own boss, he charges what people can afford, even though he could lose his home any day, I donated them to him. In exchange he rebuilt my entire back wheel, for FREE; he knows I have no job and little money working as a pet sitter and house sitter and poll worker. Plus, he has tried to solve the same problem with the back wheel for a year; turns out the hub was damaged (who knew) when couple in a van ran over and back (real fast) my back wheel, a year ago.

    His name is Jeff Fitzgibbons, lives in Cutler bay, you can find his home telephone number in The YP.

  33. Dear Sir / Mam,
    Hello i am an Asalum seeker from Pakistan. I am 37 yers old man. While surfing net the idea came to my mind to request a free bicycle if you can arrange. As i am having my physiacitry medicines i am gaing wait. So my Gp suggested if i can start Bicycle riding . So could you please arrange free of cost Bicyle for me so i can reduce my weight. I live in Glasgow. I got a desire that if i can get bicycle so it would be a nice way to reduce my weight and to keep my self fit and well.

    Sincerely yours,

    Shahzad Almas Khan.

  34. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I�ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  35. Mike Utton says:


    I am about to take on the task of cycling from John O’Groats to Lands end for charity raising funds for Diabetes UK. I am desperately looking for a road bike on a loan basis as I only have an off road mountain bike. I will ensure that the loaned bike is well looked after and serviced afterwards but I just need some kind person to help me out.

    Please feel free to contact me on 07896 803071



  36. gordon neil says:

    Hi folks.
    Killie can cycle has over the years became a much busier charity hence it is hard for me now to reply to people.
    We generally ask the public to bring cans to support the project to
    our workshop 47 Lainshaw ave Shortlees Kilmarnock as well as bringing
    the bikes to us.This is because we are currently a voluntary group and
    very much stretched to capacity.
    The Charity is having an open day June 22nd ten am till one and many
    schools and community groups will be there at the above address.
    Please feel free to come along and our office number is 01563 258332,
    thanks Gordon Neil
    project manager

  37. Anonymous says:

    Hi trying to start a charity second hand bike outlet here in northern Ireland would be greatful for any advice thanks

  38. Steve says:

    I run a scheme in NW Leicestershire, recycling bicycles and trikes of any age and reselling them at a price affordable to all. Donations of Bicycles or parts of any age or condition are always welcome and we collect free in any part of Leicestershire. We have adult bicycles available from £25 for a standard mountain bike. Aims for the future is to spread this service further afield. I can be conacted on Thanks all Steve

  39. Jackie Cote says:

    Hi I have several used bikes would like to give away, where do I drop off. I live in fort erie ,ont Canada


  40. Deen says:

    Hi everyone. This is a really cool site. I am from South Africa and visiting Glasgow. My partner lives here in Glasgow and I would like to experience the cycle life here with her. She has a good bicycle already however I would just like to ask if anyone would like to donate me a bike as I don’t have one. I am affiliated with The bicycle empowerment network called “Ben” for short. It is based in South Africa. Through them I have learnt to fix bikes and will assure you any bike that is donated to me will be looked after with due care. Back in South Africa I have a hybrid bicycle that I consider my baby. My favourite moto being – One less Car. Anyone please assist.

  41. Dharma raj.A says:

    hai friends,
    i’m an adult, who needs a bike to travel between college and home. can i get a free bike from any of you?. i’m living in tamil nadu, India.
    if you wish, please convey me at “”
    Thank you, my friends.

  42. Jacqui G says:

    I have around 5 kids bikes (and a scooter) that I would like to provide to someone for recycling/fix-up. They need some TLC (to varying degrees). I am looking for someone to pick them up, if they want them. Suitable for ages 7 – 12. I am based in Blantyre, Glasgow, Scotland. If interested please e-mail me at

  43. Bikes for Good Causes, 350 High Road, Wood Green London, N22 8AJ 0208 888 1005.This is a new Social Enterprise that repairs and refreshes unused unwanted bikes and sells them on at low cost to the community. A percentage of monies raised goes to the charity Action for Kids (young people with a physical and or learning disability). Young people with learning disabilities also benefit from training placements fixing bikes and selling coffee at the shop

  44. Philip says:

    Hello. I have an old Gents Bicycle which I would rather recycle than throw away.

    If anyone wishes to / can collect I am based in Nottingham Postcode NG11 9AP

  45. Donna says:


    I help run a not for profit bicycle recycling workshop in Rochester, Kent. Any donations greatly received, they are then refurbished and are sold to low income families. We offer low cost services and repairs and run training courses for anyone unemployed for free. Please contact us on 01634 730973

  46. Bikes for Good Causes recycles and upcycles unwanted bikes and then sells them on at low cost to the local community. they also offer a community space in their small attached coffee shop. The team support Action for Kids (registered charity) by offering work placements to young people with Learning Disabilities. For more information or to donate your unwanted bike call Bikes for Good causes on 0208 888 1005

    • Bikes for Good Causes are based in London.
      350 High Road
      Wood Green
      N22 8JW

      • anne henry says:

        Hi just a shot in the dark we have 2 badly neglected bikes a women’s Rayleigh and a mountain bike. we have no recycling in our area but have a campervan with a bike rack. our daughter lives in Woodford green are you close? We would be coming from Leicestershire. Does your project take on challenging refurbishments? Or else we will have to take them to the dump!

  47. What is happening in your country is good for the elderly and young kids who can not afford bikes. How can such innovations be done in poor countries like Malawi where old people rely on foot and can not travel long distances.

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