Recycling for Charity: old mobile or cell phones

This page lists charities and other organisations collecting old mobile phones (also known as cell phones).

If any details are incorrect or you know of any other groups collecting them, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the listings.

Who wants it Why Country Contact details
Oxfam For refurbishment and use overseas or recycled for cash UK

Oxfam Recycle Scheme
Freepost LON16281

Freepost bags can also be sent out or you can drop them off at Oxfam charity shops.

Children in Need For refurbishment and use overseas or recycled for cash. Over £100,000 has already been raised for the charity through the donation of old phones. UK

BBC Children in Need

(from within the UK only)


79 Responses to “Recycling for Charity: old mobile or cell phones”

  1. Karen Naya says:

    Hi there. Just to say that the charity Refuge also have a mobile phone re-cycling arrangement.

    I’m about to donate through this route. Apparently Refuge will receive £3.50 for every phone sent (Freepost) to their recycling partner, regardless of condition. Old phones are reformatted for use in developing countries.

    Like the site – hope this info is helpful.
    Regards, Karen.

    • robin stallard says:

      I have 4 mobile phones I would like to donate to your charity. do you provide pre-paid envelopes



  2. Heike Costin says:

    pls let me know where to send my 2 Motorola Razr mobile phones pls the chargers etc,.

    Do you provide a pre-paid envelope?

    Ta, Heike

  3. This is a great cause to take part in, as you help many people with your old mobile phones, Just one phone can raise about £20 and that can be a really old obsolete phone whilst a new smartphone can be about £250 so that can be a lot of money going to a charity.

  4. Jean-Pierre says:

    Hi ,
    We are a UK based charity and are looking to raise money for an orphanage project in war torn Ivory coast . We will be pleased to receive old and unwanted mobile phones for recycling to fund the project .
    Would you be able to help?

    • Jacqueline M Ryder says:

      Hello Jean-Pierre
      I have 4 of our old mobile phones which I would like to donate to your orphanage project in the Ivory coast. If you are still collecting them and/or think that they can be of use then please let me know. Is there any chance of sending a Freepost envelope and I assume that you would want the mobile chargers to be included.
      Jacky & Paul

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a NOKIA 6021 I would be pleased to give yo

    • Clare Whiting says:

      I have 3 old mobile phones I’d like to donate to your charity. Let me know where to send them if you still need them.

  5. Hi – just to let you know that we also collect mobile phones for recycling. All proceeds are used to fund research into Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

    You can send to The BRACE Appeal office, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol BS16 1LE. Just the telephone. The cables/chargers etc are not needed.

    I am afraid we are unable to provide freepost envelopes but we are looking to get these from a recycling company and will repost if and when we get them.

    With thanks

    • Jill Evans says:

      Are you still collecting mobile phones for recycling for Alzheimer’s research at Frenchay? Do you still not want the charger?

      Best wishes

      • Yes Jill we are still collecting them. I’m afraid the recycling company wont take the chargers so just the phones please.

        email me your address and I will let you have a freepost envelope

        Many thanks


      • Steve Brown says:

        I have half a doz old phones have you an envelope large enough or can you give me directions and instructions as to where to donate them in person, i do go to Bristol weekly so i can drop them if necessary do you also take old i pads?

        Regards Steve.

    • Jill Evans says:

      Thanks Lynda – my email address is:

      Very best wishes

    • Peter Kay says:

      I know it’s 2015 and the year above is 2011 but I want to know are you still collecting old mobiles and if so can you email me the address or is it the same one as above in Frenchay hospital Bristol.

      Peter Kay

  6. Jean-Pierre says:

    Much appreciated . How Chris ?

  7. An update to our previous posting. We now have freepost envelopes for recycling mobile phones to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Please contact the BRACE Appeal office, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol BS16 1LE or email Thank you

  8. Sylvia Gunter says:

    My sister has 6 mobile phones to donate do you provide free post envelopes how can we get them to you?

  9. Madeline Goodman says:

    I have one old mobile phone to donate. My address is Paddocks, Galley Lane, Brighstone, Isle of Wight PO30 4BT. I would be grateful to receive a Freepost envelope.
    Many thanks.

  10. JJ Foreman says:

    I have one old mobile phone to donate (Sony Ericsson K300). My address is 10 Vicarage Lane, Oxford OX1 4RQ. I would be grateful to receive a Freepost envelope.
    Many thanks.

  11. Diana Child says:

    I have 3 old mobile phones which I would like to donate so could you send freepost envelopes to me at this address:-
    69 Homefield Ave, Arnold,Nottingham, NG5 8FZ.

    Thank you

  12. Hi everyone – please email the BRACE appeal office for your freepost envelopes. Thank you

    • Anonymous says:

      Please send me a free post envelope for one ols mobil phone.
      Thank you
      P Carey
      19 Pendrick Close,
      CB23 7GZ

  13. Morag Campbell says:

    I have 3 old mobile phones.please forward free post envelope to
    Flat l
    5 Belmont road
    Broad stairs
    Kent CT10 1LA

  14. John Lynch says:

    I have several cell phones in good working order. Are there any charitable organizations in the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada area who want old cell phones?

  15. Andy Porter says:

    I have several old mobiles I would like to donate but I am worried about identity theft. None of them work any more so I cant clear them of personal data ….is there any advice about this?

  16. Mrs M Davies says:

    I would like to donate two mobile phones to BRACE-Alzheimer’s Research. Can you help?

  17. Gillian Smith says:

    I would like to donate my old mobile phone to charity can you help please. Thank you

  18. Gillian Smith says:

    I wish to donate my old phone to charity my address is

    199 St Nicolas Park Drive, Nuneaton Warwickshire CV11 6EH

  19. hayley says:

    hi i have two old mobile phones if you would like them also may have more if i look in old stuff let me know thanks

  20. TRUDI GEE says:

    I have 3 mobile phones that I would like to donate to you if you are still collecting them,do you have free post envelopes? And how do I get them.

  21. Aimée Williams says:


    I have an old (i.e. non-smart phone) samsung phone someone is welcome to have. I should still have the charger to it somewhere. The battery pack is shot though…

    I was looking for something to do with it, it seems such a waste chucking it, even if someone just extracts some of the materials from it to reuse.

    If you give an email I’ll send you my address for a freepost envelope, if you are interseted, or just send it to where-ever without.


  22. I collect old mobile phones for Cancer Research UK, if you’d like to donate a mobile phone, no matter how new, old or even obsolete it is, your donation will be much appreciated. To find out how to donate and for more information please click on my link.

    The webpage link is

    • Mrs Susan Smith says:

      I have 3 good condition mobiles all Nokia, and would like to donate to cancer Research, we lost our Son 2years ago age 44 years from cancer, can you let me know where to take or send them.
      I live in Wednesbury in the West Midlands,

    • Mike Oakes says:

      Hello Stephen, I tried to send a disused mobile to Just Giving but the link you gave is no longer active. Do you have another link that I can use?

  23. Ruth Rooksby says:

    Hi there
    Our regestered charity is collecting mobile phones as Mercedes and Dixons have offered us a new lorry if we can gather 4000 mobiles – dead or alive! Big challenge but not unsurmountable? We need a lorry to help with our providing computers and IT equipment to charities both here in the UK and abroad. Thanks

    you can send any donations to
    Cemetery Lodge
    Ersham Road
    BN27 3LJ

  24. Y.Notdoitkindly says:

    Many medical charities use your donations to fund unnecessary animal experiments……. one of the charities successfully using funds for alternatives to animal torture are:

    here is a list of charities that do and do not fund animal testing…

  25. Thank you to everyone who has donated their unwanted phones to BRACE Alzheimers Research. We are still collecting them and if you email me with your full postal address I will send you a FREEPOST envelope. Many thanks once again. email

  26. kevin crick says:

    I have 8 old mobiles I’d like to donate to charity, would it be possible for you to send me some freepost envelopes.
    my mail address is

    Kevin Crick
    31 Carriage Drive
    Northants NN16 9EN

    many thanks

    • Hi Kevin
      Sadly the Royal Mail will no longer allow us to provide freepost envelopes for recycling mobile phones. However, if you are able to post them to us in a padded envel9ope they will be recycled to provide much needed funds for research into dementia. With thanks
      The BRACE Charity Office
      Elgar House
      Southmead Hospital
      BS10 5NB

  27. Dorothy Campbell says:

    I have a number of old mobile phones I would like to donate to Oxfam. Could you please advise me on how to do this.

  28. Jingo Wilson says:

    Hi am Wilson in Uganda Africa
    I have children am happing in my
    Small village any assistance
    Please be it cash your era welcome.

  29. Unfortunately due to changes in Royal Mail policy charities are no longer able to provide freepost envelopes for mobile phones.
    We are however still collecting old mobile phones to recycle to raise money for research into dementia and would welcome your old phones. Please send in a padded envelope to:
    The BRACE Charity Office
    Elgar House
    Southmead Hospital
    BS10 5NB
    Thank you

    • JOY WEBB says:

      Just want to know if you are still collecting old mobile phones as the
      latest comments are for 2015.Also is the address still Elgar House
      Southmead House Bristol BS10 5NB.
      Thank you

      • Hi joy
        Yes we still collect them to recycle for dementia research however due to a change in Royal Mail policy we are unable to provide Freepost envelopes. If you are happy to post them to us we would love to have them. Just the phones. We don’t need cables or boxes.
        Kind regards. Lynda

  30. We recycle old unwanted and broken mobile phones to help save lives in Afghanistan, the most dangerous place in the world to give birth because of a lack of obstetric care – thousands of mothers and their children die every year because of this.

    Your old mobiles will raise funds to improve female education, provide better neonatal care, and train more midwives.

    For more info and to email us see

  31. Mark says:

    Hi – I have a box full of old network cables (cat5). There are 100-200 cables approx. between 1m & 3m. They were/are all in working condition but surplus to requirement after a server room refit last weekend.

    If any charity can benefit from them being recycled or actually use them then please let me know. I can probably deliver anywhere in the Bristol area.



  32. Ann says:

    Oxfam website – says the address above can not be used:

    Important: Please do not use the Oxfam branded recycling envelopes or previous CMR Freepost Address LON 16281. This scheme is no longer supported by the postal system and these units will not arrive with our recycler. Instead follow the steps above.

  33. Please note:
    Due to changes in Royal Mail policy we are no longer able to provide freepost envelopes.
    We are still collecting phones (no chargers or cables please) and this can be delivered by hand or sent to:
    The BRACE Charity Office
    The Brain centre
    Southmead Hospital
    Bristol BS10 5NB

    Thank you for your support

  34. We need your old mobile phones to recycle to help raise funds to improve maternal & neonatal care in Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan is one of the worst places for women to give birth or for a child to be born, because of a shortage of midwives. A lack of female education means that not enough midwives are trained – and male doctors are not allowed to attend births. Thousands of women and children thus die who might not otherwise if there were enough midwives.

    So to raise funds to help, we recycle the old unwanted and even broken mobile phones that so many of us have lying around.

  35. Mrs Joan Stewart says:

    Going to post on an old mobile,hope its of use
    Kindest regards Joan Stewart

  36. Lilian Rose says:

    The church I attend has collected some mobile phones for dementia recycling program can someone let me have the address and post code so we can pass them on please. Thank You

  37. Maritza says:

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  38. Chrisie says:

    I have about 5 old Nokia chargers not sure if a charity wants them or I just need to bin them

  39. Jo Last says:

    I’m sending you 4 old phones that are of no use to us an longer I hope you will be able to use them or recycle them yourselves no leads or charges are being sent tho

  40. Jo Last says:

    we are sending you some old phones to the Bristol address. we hope you can make use of them

  41. We recycle old, unwanted & even broken mobile phones over a wide area and can arrange courier collection for five or more phones.

    Only the phones themselves are needed, not cases, chargers or other accessories, and sim cards & memory cards should be removed too – further information can be found at

    Many thanks,

    Philip Cooper

  42. pam alway says:

    Why do people expect a charity to pay for postage for free envelopes, its a Charity for goodness sake!

  43. Lizzie says:

    I have quite a large number and phoned given to me to take to Kenya. Unfortunately most either don’t work or have lock codes on them. We’re can I send them? Also have a couple of tablets from Dubai. Are they any use, if so please let me know where to send them.

  44. I’ve emailed you Lizzie to say, yes, thank you, we can take your old mobile phones & tablets regardless of age or condition ….. although not unfortunately the chargers I am afraid as they are no good to our recycler.

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