How can I reuse or recycle … the plastic wrap from bouquets?

BouquetWe’ve had an email from Ciara Fletcher:

My colleagues at work gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers for my birthday but it seems to be wrapped in about 10 yards of cellophane!! What can I do with it? It’s mostly clear with a cute white flower design on it but I can’t think what to do with it because it’s so noisy!

If you grow flowers yourself, you could reuse it if you ever want to give a bunch to anyone else – but aside from that, I’m out of ideas. Any suggestions?

(Oh, and by the way Ciara, here are some suggestions for re-using the flowers when you’re done with them.)

(Photo from Ciara)

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10 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … the plastic wrap from bouquets?”

  1. Bobbie says:

    You might try using it for gift wrap by layering over a plain paper, or even a patterened one.

  2. butterscotch says:

    Give it to a friend for scrap booking, decoupage.
    Make small bags of it for cookies, candies, cakes at holiday time, tie with a ribbon (wash it well if you use it for food).

  3. Anna says:

    You could make a bunch of smarties/M&M’s wraps with them and serve for ur friends at the office or home…
    Wash the cellophane papers, cut them into strips of 5×8 cm each, put 6-7 smarties, roll the cellophane around the candies, then roll the 2 sides, and attach with nice colored and small ribbons…here u go , u have hoem made candeis to serve !!!

    I did this for my baby;s shower …except I bought the cellophane :)

  4. Davina says:

    What about a local youth group or toddler group. I can always find something for the children to make with almost anything.

  5. Andy says:

    I use reclaimed cellophane to package my hand made greetings cards that I then sell for charity. Gives a more professional finish, and this pattern sounds ideal for a wedding or congratulations style.

  6. sara says:

    use it as a unique tissue paper for gifts!

  7. I remove and wash all plastic wrap before it has a chance to get dirty, smoothen it and hang it out to dry. I reuse it to wrap fruit baskets with (I also reuse baskets and paper bowls/plates for this). If the wrap is too wrinkled and no longer suitable for re-gifting, I cut it into pieces to cover books and line drawers and boxes with.

  8. caroline says:

    you can wrap it round a plant pot with seeds in and wrap an elastic band around it. Acts as a propagator and is reusable.

  9. fertilaid says:

    Does anyone know if cellophane is recycable or can decompose?

  10. kerry says:

    Hi ,i have been trying to find out if cellophane is recyclable and this is what i read on

    Can you recycle cellophane wrap? While plastic bags are recyclable in most communities, cellophane wrap seems to be another story altogether. In most communities, if the plastic makes a crinkly noise when crunched up, it can NOT be recycled and must be thrown in the trash instead.

    All plastic is recyclable. However plastic that is used to wrap food is often contaminated, adding to the cost of recovery. There may be no-one in your area who is prepared to recycle plastic wrap.

    To answer the first question, cellophane is not currently recycled. Cellophane is not in the plastic family.
    Cellophane is bio-degradable usually within 90 days after it is buried.

    Read more:

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