How can I reuse or recycle … old mouse mats?

A mouse on a mousematThey seem to be one of those things that we used to absentmindedly collect, back in the day when everyone thought it was a great idea to give away promotional mousemats or that it was *the* cheap and cheerful present to buy anyone who ever admitted to using a computer.

Given our hoarding nature, we still have a number around the house and as useful as a 2002 Dell-sponsored calendar would be to me on a day to day basis (“hmm, my birthday was a Saturday that year, how interesting”), I have a trackpad mouse now so the mats as a whole are pretty much pointless.

(On the rare occasion when I use a plug-in mouse, it’s an optical one and I use a curled up cat as a mousemat, just for the irony.)

So, we’ve got a few plastic ones and a couple of fuzzy, fabric ones to reuse. Any suggestions?

(Original photo by Vixs)

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15 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … old mouse mats?”

  1. Matt Scholey says:


    How about using them as shelf protectors for your kitchen cupboards.
    To stop the tins scratching the shelves or to stop sauces and vinegar etc from making a mess/ stain of the shelves.

    Or put them in your loft between the beams as added insulation. You may need a lot though and I don’t know about fire regs!


  2. Matt Scholey says:

    You could also cut them up and place them under vases, bowls etc to stop then damaging things. Obviously to the required size of the object.

    Or use as protector pads under chair/ table legs instead of buying those expensive pads. Cut to size, stick on, and protect your wood/ laminate floor from scratches.

  3. David McDysan says:

    sit computers on them to reduce the noice from fan and disk vibration.

  4. anykey says:

    Sit on ’em.

    By that I mean, stack one or a few together and use ’em as a cushion. For example how often do you find the wooden benches in beer gardens are so hard. I take a couple of thick rubber mouse mats with me and stick me bum on that. So much more comfy – and the beer tastes better/bitter too..!! Hic :O)

  5. Joan says:

    Under seat cushion pads on dining chairs to stop them sliding about

  6. You could cut them up and use them as drink coasters?

  7. Amanda Kerik says:

    I stack the softer ones both on and under my “wrist supporting” mousepad.

    You could tape / glue them on the front edge of your desk so typing / mousing is easier on your wrists /arms / chest (depending on how you type / mouse, of course).

    I’m talking about the soft ones, of course. I toss them in the wash when they get dirty (and let them drip dry)

  8. Canadian says:

    You can make a new cover for it, using scrap fabric: (assuming you or someone you know has a need for an actual mouse pad).

  9. Fishcake says:

    If there thin you could cut them into little squares for 3d pictures.
    if you keep fish you should always put something under the tank to support the glass/plastic. i used polystyrene but you could use a load of mouse mats.

  10. Kimberly says:

    if you use a microscope turn the mouse pad upside down and put it under the microscope….makes ot very easy to move the scope around.

  11. renee says:

    most have a wet suit type material on them…which is great for sewing together for a toys wet suit or stubby coolers…even making your own flip flops!

  12. Jules says:

    Cut them into insoles for shoes or wellys.

  13. chez says:

    On the bedside cabinet for that hot morning cuppa!

  14. Bad Monkey says:

    For crafters, use them as protective mats when using craft knives etc. Or put them on the edges and corners of doors and cupboards and tables to protect young or elderly family members from injury.Or use small cut up pieces stick on the back of mirrors/paintings to stop them slipping or marking the wall.

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