How can I reuse or recycle old musical instrument reeds?

Amber sent us an email asking about reeds from musical instruments:

I’ve got TONS of old alto saxophone reeds lying around, and was wondering if anybody had an idea about how to reuse/recycle them?

I am incredibly unmusical but Wikipedia tells me reeds tend to be make from cane, although there are an increasing amount of synthetic ones in use.

The first idea that springs to mind is turning them into some sort of jewellery – a subtle nod to your musical skills. It might be possible to make them into a statement necklace or chunky bracelet – possibly a bit like this necklace or if you had a lot, this bracelet (they’re made out of shell but I was thinking about the shape more than anything). Or if you’ve just got a couple, dangling earrings?

Any other ideas on how they can be recycled?

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4 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle old musical instrument reeds?”

  1. SMucciardi says:

    You could trim/edge a patch of grass in front of your home or make a windchime.

  2. What about making them into a wreath for Christmas (if you have loads – depends what you mean by loads) get a polystyrene round from a florist wholesalers then glue gun these around in layers like shingles?

  3. bookstorebabe says:

    For those who make miniature dioramas, would they work as shingles or fencing for a tiny cottage?

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