How can I reuse or recycle chunky Lego bricks?

Duplo LegoWe’ve had an email from Chloe:

Legos seem as though they should have infinite uses after they have done their toy duty, and I would love to hear some. I mostly have the chunky toddler type.

I know they could be donated, but a nifty second life for them around the house would be even better. Also, I wonder if they are recyclable? Any thoughts?

I love Lego-as-jewellery – but think that’ll only work with the smaller, regular sort (unless you want a MASSIVE pair of dangling earrings…) – and I think Lego artwork looks really cool on walls – but again, probably only the smaller bricks unless you want a huge (and deep) picture.

So any suggestions for the big Duplo bricks?

(Photo by Sphire)

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18 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle chunky Lego bricks?”

  1. tricia says:

    instead of getting rid of lego – collect more and build yourself full sized furniture with it!!

    here’s an example:
    (of course – if you make it at home and don’t ship it, i don’t think gluing it would be necessary)

  2. Delusion says:

    Use the large bricks, build a “square” around ugly looking plant pots outside to give them a colour look!

    If you have loads…and a dog… build a dog house, after all they are waterproof! :p

  3. Lindsay says:

    Hey textured wall coverings are all the rage these days. Plaster those suckers to the wall or make a room divider from them!

    Ok, maybe just donating them to families who still have children who need toys would be more practical. Legos last forever. :)

  4. trish says:

    Donating them to a shelter or thrift store would be a good idea.

    I wonder if you could melt them and make them into art of some kind.

    Use them instead of rocks at the bottom of pots to help with water irrigation.

  5. Mirthful says:

    Donate them to someone who needs lego. Surely they are more useful as toys than anything else and expending energy trying to make them into something else is slightly pointless and less environmentally friendly than letting them fulfil their original purpose.

    (Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for recycling, but not if the object is usable and wanted the way it is.)

  6. Barb says:

    You can sell them at It’s like Ebay for the Lego world. Surprisingly there is a market for Duplo and Quatro bricks.

  7. Gulia says:

    If they are big enough, make flower bed borders with them.

  8. Bad Monkey says:

    These along with other toys can be taken to your local hospital for the kids wards, A+E waiting rooms,etc, surprising how distracting toys and books can be for kids when they are ill and waiting to be seen by the Doctor!

  9. susan says:

    you could sell them to me if these are the huge legos with the largest measuring 1.5 x 5

  10. Dan Brown says:

    I know one place to recycle used LEGO products.


  11. Dan Brown says:

    We recycle LEGO products!

  12. Uluska says:

    Use them with ink or paint as stamps for making patterns on paper.

  13. Olia says:

    Plant succulents in them.

  14. Olia says:

    Hang logo as a key chain.

  15. Olia says:

    Lego, not logo, sorry.

  16. Gulia says:

    Make lego floor.

  17. Gulia says:

    Turn lego into pen holder.

  18. We gladly accept used mixed up LEGO pieces, and can even pay the postage (if mailed from the US). LEGO pieces are made of ABS plastic which can’t be easily recycled, and ends up the the landfill. Check out our web site for more info, and fun LEGO facts, like, how long would it take LEGO Corporation to make enough LEGOs to reach to the moon???

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