How can I reuse or recycle really cheap stud earrings?

earrings250.jpgI was clearing out my jewellery box the other day and found a pile of really cheap stud earrings from the days before I realised anything less than stainless steel or sterling silver made my ears erupt in an explosion of pus and itchiness.

Because I’ve worn them all on at least a couple of occasions, I don’t know if they can be passed on to other people to wear as earrings – particularly because my reaction tends to have messed up the polish etc.

Some of them are quite cute so could be used – maybe – as push pins on a noticeboard – since we don’t have that many things that need noticeboarding, I wonder if anyone has any other suggestions.

Suggestions for the scroll (the back bit) are welcome too – I’d keep them as spares if it wasn’t for the aforementioned pus and itchiness.

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17 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle really cheap stud earrings?”

  1. anonymous says:

    I think they ould make a great noticeboard pin.You can tack things up on a cork board with the earrings. If you have big earrings you can use them as a brooch.

  2. Decorate a cheap lampshade with them?

  3. Katy says:

    If you want to give them away, just be sure to soak them in a bit of rubbing alcohol beforehand–there should be no risk of passing anything on, so long as they’re well cleaned.

    • Miss Joie says:

      Alcohol is good, however, don’t soak them in alcohol if they have rhinestones or gems in them, as it can cause them to fall out. If you want to use alcohol to clean them, use a q-tip for targeting the areas that need to be cleaned.

  4. Mea says:

    Could you bend the backs into a loop and put different posts through them so you could still wear them?

    If they had the loops, and were big enough in the front, they could be used as unusual buttons.

  5. Katz says:

    You can always decorate an old hat or beret with them – it would look good and everyone would ask you where you got the hat from (or a bag)! To make sure the posts don’t scratch your head- bend them after you fixed it with a scrol on the other side, and to be completely safe – sew a little folded bit of fabric over them! Glam!

  6. nelly says:

    you could decorate candles with them, just push them into the sides

  7. mormonsim says:

    use them as tie clasps or in place of cfflinks.

  8. Gulia says:

    Decorate a purse.

    Use them on your message board to pin down messages, cards, etc.

  9. Gulia says:

    The parts on a back of them can be turned into beads, they have halls in them already.

    Use them to make Christmas ornaments.

  10. Ann says:

    Sell them cheaply on Ebay…I make miniatures for dollshouses and can use all the small parts in many different ways, crafters will jump at them!

  11. I incorporate them into my jewellery, and use the post as a means to secure them to what I have made.

  12. Here is one of my brooches with a stud earring at the centre

    I go to my local charity shop and see what they have, I also fortunate they let me look in their big bins for rubbish and often find things in there. Obviously if the jewellery you are re-using is going to go through any part of your body it needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

  13. sue says:

    they are great on a bulletin board for holding a sheet of paper…or break off the post and use for craft projects

  14. What do you think of men who wear ear-rings?

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