How can I reuse or recycle an old wall year planner?

We’ve had an email from Alex asking:

Can big paper wall planners be recycled? We’ve got at least a dozen at my school to get rid of now but I didn’t know about recycling them in the paper bins because they’re laminated.

No, it’s very unlikely that they’ll be accepted for paper recycling. Most wipe-clean plastic-coated paper – whether it’s actually laminated or just a thin coating on one side – is also more hassle than its worth when it comes to recycling.

There might be ways to reuse them though – we covered reuses for laminated posters last year and there is probably a big overlap for reuses (especially as a lot of those ideas are school-friendly).

It’s probably also worth investigating if you can get reusable wall planners for the future – dry erase ones without a specific year on them so you won’t have to throw them out each summer.

Any other ideas/suggestions?

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8 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle an old wall year planner?”

  1. With some imagination you could do some really good decorations with these laminated papers. :)

  2. anna says:

    if the material is thin, make (letter) envolopes, and if thick, use it for sending packages.

  3. You can line drawers and cabinets with them. They are thick enough to blot out ink and sauce stains and prevent scratches. Most laminated material is also good for weaving. Cut the planners into strips and weave them into hold-alls for keys, coins and the like.

  4. louisa says:

    There is a tutorial here – – on how to make reusable/dry-wipe calendars from old picture frames. Nice reduce/reuse/recycle idea! :)

  5. caroline says:

    I work in education too. We only have one but I save it each year and use it to wrap the boss’ birthday present.

  6. Elrod says:

    Cut out place mates out of them.

  7. Elrod says:

    They can be used to make art portfolios for students in art class.

  8. Elrod says:

    Also, students can use them to cover tables when making crafts, using paint, clay, glue, so tables stay clean.

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