Reducing packaging waste from crisps, chips and snacks

nacho-chipsWe’ve had a clever “Reduce This” idea from “Someone else”:

I try to cut back, it’s true, but I love Doritos, so not having chips ever wasn’t an option. I did find a way which is perhaps a little easier on my health and the environment by baking some tortillas instead. We buy those tall stacks of 6 inch corn totillas, cut them up with a pizza slicer, and spread them out on sheets to bake them. we eat them with salsa, and you can find recipes online.

It helps me get the crunch I want, and one stack comes in a soft plastic bag, recyclable the same was as a bag on a loaf of bread, and contains enough to make quite a few batches. Yes, I still get Doritos occasionally, but I am weaning myself off them and those strange bags they come in.

That’s a great compromise – I love ideas that provide an alternative without feeling like a punishment.

For people that prefer potato-based crisps/chips, you can make them out of sweet potato in the microwave without needing tons of fat and packaging.

Any other suggestions for cutting back on snack waste?

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2 Responses to “Reducing packaging waste from crisps, chips and snacks”

  1. Alice says:

    Oooh, that’s a good idea!

    I make loads of hummous which would be really good to dunk them in.

  2. Thanks for this great tip! I tried this on Fri night after reading this post. We had stale tortilla in the fridge that my roomies were going to toss out into the compost pit. We microwaved them on each side for about 2-3 mins. It wasn’t oily, was tasty and popular and was a great way of using up food that would otherwise have gone to waste.

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