How can I reuse or recycle brown sauce?

HP SauceI’m not brand loyal about many things but orange squash has to be Robinsons (full sugar, none of that sugar-free or high juice nonsense), baked beans have to be Heinz and brown sauce has to be HP, or at the very least Daddies.

Every now and then, I try other things because I hate habits, particularly habits that benefit huge corporations and sometimes this works out but other times it leaves me with an almost entire bottle of brown sauce on our condiments shelf and a nasty taste in my mouth. It is not going back in my mouth again – at least not as brown sauce.

I would be tempted to try it in cooking where I need something to add to the flavour but don’t need it to taste exactly like brown sauce but I’m wondering what else it could be used for too.

Now, I know that brown sauce, which Wikipedia informs me is similar to steak sauce in the US, has at least one other use: I used to use it to make coins shiny when I was a kid and evidently had too much time on my hands — so that makes me think it could be used for other cleaning purposes. I suspect it’s mostly the vinegar, combined with a slight abrasiveness from the solid particles in the sauce, that does the cleaning – but the brownness might get in the way of that.

So any suggestions?

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4 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle brown sauce?”

  1. paul says:

    I sometimes add brown sauce to shepherd’s pie, but this is because I like the flavour. Whatever it is, it will taste like it tastes whatever you do.

    Perhaps, rather than adding it to a dish, what you need to do is use it as a base to make your own brown sauce? So, add things to it, instead of adding it to other stuff?

    HP contains tamarind, which, while it is a long way down the list of ingredients, has a very pungent flavour which, I think, gives HP a certain zing.

    I’ve certainly heard of it being used to clean coins. Maybe it could be used as a ceramic hob cleaner? (Although I’ve not tried this myself, and effectiveness would depend on the vinegar content).

  2. rachel says:

    If you had some round steak, 3 strips of bacon, an onion and a can of mushrooms, you can throw it in a crock pot for about 8 hrs on low and serve it over noodles or rice.I normally use 2 bottles of the stuff, it tastes great.

  3. Susie says:

    I don’t know that it specially has any cleaning purposes, but if you have some tarnished jewelry or household metal items, you might be able to clean them with a soak in the sauce. Otherwise I’d use it as the base of more complex sauce in which you’d slow-cook some meat (if you eat meat) and it would combine with other flavors and not taste quite so.. much like it does :D

  4. me says:

    use it as a replacement for bubble bath, thats what real men do I hear.

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