How can I reuse or recycle … lots of sawdust/wood shavings?

sawdust250.jpgWe’ve had an email from Phillip Levenson:

I own a joinery manufacturers and i produce a lot of wood shavings which is mixed softwood and hardwood shavings and some dust i am struggling to dispose of it quicker than i can produce it.

I have a couple of people who take it from me who own horses. Do you know of any other ways of maybe recycling the shavings?

Untreated and unpainted wood can be composted but any reuse ideas?

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175 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … lots of sawdust/wood shavings?”

  1. shen says:

    anybody in melbourne vic who happens to stumble upon this forum and is in need of sawdust, please email me at ..the dust is collected from mdf and particle boards, and needs to be disposed of urgently.

  2. julie cashmore says:

    hiya i would gladly collect wood shavings from you , i have 4 horses and have to have loads of it , could collect anytime you have spare shavings , joolz

    • Imperial Cabinets says:

      We’re a cabinet shop and have contrainters of saw dust, if you’re interested we would love to give it out for free. Just come and take.

  3. Just wondering what holds MDF or particle board.

    I know because of my work with old wooden television cases that the “wood” was impregnated with formaldehyde.Is it the same with MDF & particle board?

    If so, this should be taken in to consideration when re-using.

  4. Nathan says:


    Joinery business in North West London who has 20-25 bin bags full of wood shavings each week that is not needed and would love it go to someone who could make use of it. Please email if intersted.



  5. Susan + Richard says:

    Hi Looking for clean wood shavings in the County Durham / Cleveland area for our horses. Any joinery business in the area want their shavings taken away on a regular basis please email us at and we will get onto to you straight away. Regards
    Richard + Susan

  6. sam says:

    We pay a fortune to buy bagged shavings for horses, what area are you in, maybe we can collect it for horses then turn it into compost then someone can bag it and sell it?

  7. sam says:

    looking for place to collect shavings or chips from near Banstaed Surrey, pls!

  8. amanda mcdermott says:

    WANTED: White wood shavings, can bag up myself.
    Any where near Coventry.

  9. Jaime says:

    We have several bags of hardwood lumber shavings with no MDF or particle board that we need to get rid of. We collect approximately 10-12 large bags a week. We are a cabinet manufacturer located in La Verne California. Please email if you are interested. We are running out of space to house what we have. SAWDUST MUST GO QUICKLY!

  10. GAIL RENFEW says:

    please e-mail me back

  11. we are a stair manufacturing company in Colindale, NW London and currently have around 100 extractor bags full of mixed untreated hardwood/softwood shavings going free to anyone who wants them

    • sue parker says:

      Do you still have supplies of wood shavings. Live in Borehamwood and would be willing to collect.


    i just want to say well done for the work you are doing.for now there is no comment

  13. L says:

    Does anyone have any dust free wood shavings I could have for chickens in the Staffordshire / West Midlands area? Contact me on

  14. sue gray says:

    Hi, I would love to fine a regular souce of freee/cheap woodshavings for my horses, i could collect as required regularly, i am in the milton keynes area but would travel up to approx 40 miles for the rifgt deal, please let me know,


    • says:

      plenty of wood shavings free to good home workshop in coventry

      • Stephanie Markham says:

        Hi, would really appreciate these as regular as possible I live in Coventry,I can collect anytime to suit you, please let me know if you still have any available, I can take small or large amounts, my number is 07511441070 and my email is , much appreciated, kind regards Stephanie

  15. All my saw dust or wood chippings are needed at my local animal rescue centre for bedding, litter trays etc.
    As long as there is no man-made timber product waste, your local sanctuary would probably be very grateful for this.

  16. Bether says:

    My dad used to make his own “sterno cans” with old tuna cans, old candle stubs, and sawdust. We used them when we went camping.

  17. David Archer says:

    We are a manufacturing company based in Tyseley area of Birmingham.

    We produce approx 2 large bags of MDF sawdust per week. It would be lovely if anyone could find a suitable use for them on a regular basis.

    Feel free to contact me on 0121 753 0700 ext 231 or

  18. Steph says:

    Hi i am looking for a regular sauce of free/very cheap wood shavings/sawdust to use for bedding for shire horse in the daventry area willing to collect in 30mile radius.

    please email me if you can help.

  19. Phil says:

    Hardwood shavings mostley Sycamore.
    Can have 6 wheelabin size bags a week.
    Free to take away Kirkbymoorside area North Yorkshire.

    please email

  20. jennifer melvin says:

    Does anyone have any shavings that they want to get rid of near Petersfield, Hampshire?

  21. alice lifford says:

    Hi there looking for a constant supplier of wood chip and saw dust. Free or cheap in the northampton uk area and if possible to be delivered many thanks.

    Please E-mail me on

  22. Joanne Arber says:

    Hi im looking for any shavings etc to be used as bedding for my two horses.

    I live in the Walsall Area of the West Midlands and could collect regularly or pay for delivery.

  23. Alison says:

    Searching for wood shavings for my elderly horse and two ponies (all rescue animals). Based in Harrogate and can collect anywhere within a 30 mile distance on a weekly basis. Please can you help?
    Alison (

  24. Jackie says:

    Has any one got free saw dust of shavings in Newton Abbot or Exeter area need for horses and chickens
    Thank you

    • roy hollingsworth says:

      hi i have a small joinery shop in exmouth and have bags of mixed softwood and hardwood saw dust free (the person that used to pick it up no longer has horses) please give me a call if this is of any help 01395 275111 thanks Roy

      • Louise says:

        Do you have an open fire? If so you could compact the shavings into brick shapes with a non flammable binding solution may be water let them dry out, then you will have fuel for your fire. I you don,t have a fire you could sell them on.

      • Jackie says:

        Hi Roy

        you say you has free saw dust can you tell me is it like shavings or is it fine or very fine thank you Jackie

  25. Jackie says:

    Has any one got free saw dust or shavings Newton Abbot or Exeter area e-mail me please

  26. Natalie Hick says:

    Looking for as many wood shavings as possible.
    Can collect on a weekly basis and bag myself if required.
    Wolverhampton Area – Will travel approx. 20 miles.

    Please contact me:
    Tel: 07812 651501

  27. Paul Savill says:

    Hello – I own Dovetail Joinery in New Milton, Hampshire and we are producing tons of mixed clean shavings with some sawdust in it from both hard and softwoods. We’d be very happy for anyone who would like to use it to come and collect. Either email or call on 01425 628567. Thanks

    • Katherine Olewicz says:

      Hi Paul, I would love to have some of your shaving as we are proud owners ofa lovely horse. Do you have them packed or do I have to pack them myself. I have only small horsebox for two horses and I live far frm you, in Aberystwyth, Wales. I fyour shavings are packed pressed, then obviously my trip would be worth going.On the other hand if the shavings are loose- not a lot I could load in my box.
      My email is
      my mobile is 07900331813
      Kind regards

  28. Unrelated a little but if anyone has plastic shavings they want rid off then they are usually recyclable and if your poducing high volume you might even get paid to take them away.

  29. Carolyn says:

    We are a small joinery workshop in Well Hill close to junction 4 of the M25 and have a constant supply of softwood and hardwood shavings. These go traight from the machines to the extractor bags so they are not contaminated. Please contact us if you would like some free of charge.

    • Paul says:

      Hi, if you still need to have shavings taken away, I am your man, as have 6 horses all rescued and all stable bound, willing to pay nominal amount

  30. Carolyn says:

    We are a small joinery workshop in Well Hill, Kent close to junction 4 of the M25 and have a constant supply of softwood and hardwood shavings. These go straight from the machines to the extractor bags so they are not contaminated. Please contact us if you would like some free of charge.
    contact us at :-

  31. Carolyn says:

    Answer to the question sent to me:-
    They are wood shavings not sawdust

  32. becki fleck says:

    We Have a woodworking shop in El Cajon, Ca. with a great dust collect system. All the saw dust us already bagged… All you have to do is come and get it.

  33. Marie Moss says:


    I am looking for some free sawdust in Coventry for my dads chickens, we would need approx 2 black bags a month. Please contact me either by email or phone 07511 487 859. Many thanks

  34. Emma Wright says:

    Hi there,

    Am looking for a regular supply of woodshavings around Leeds/Bradford area West Yorkshire to use as bedding for our horses and goats. We will be able to collect on a weekly basis or as often as required. Please email me if you have any available –
    thanks very much

  35. marie Smith says:

    Hi everyone

    I am looking for shaving free to good home or cheap with 20miles of Worksop, nottinghamshire.

    If you can help please email me.

    Thanks for looking


  36. marie Smith says:

    oops forgot to add email address

  37. mike says:

    We are a small joinery workshop, looking for someone to collect packed wood shavings and saw dust on regular bases, we are base in nw9 london. Please contact me on 07885407127.

    All the best


  38. patrick mwangi ngatia says:

    I am in nyeri,Kenya and have a simple way of recycling sawdust or any biomass into a 8ft by 4ft by 1inch waterproof block ideal for furniture or room partioning.i have designed a simple machine for mass producing the product and need a partner.if interested,email or call on tel +2540722769087.

    • @patrick I believe that lots of cardboard is used in this way now in the far east especially. Not our field really we’re mainly plastics but certainly beats felling more trees.

  39. hannah says:

    im looking for sawdust or wood shavings for horse bedding if you have any please contact
    also looking for hay supllier im in carmarthen thanks

  40. anita winter says:

    hello i am looking for sawdust or wood shavings, preferabley free.will collect As long as not too far away from the west bromwich area. plzz help if u can. contact me at
    thank u x

  41. Jackie says:

    We are cabinet makers and need to get rid of large bags of fine sawdust from our extraction machines. If anybody has a requirement for it please post. We are in the Portsmouth area.

  42. jennie says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Interested in your shavings – please email


  43. Stephen Grimes says:

    We have 50 bags of saw dust for pick up in HA8 (North West London), please give me a call if you are intrested 079 1038 5022

    • mark russell says:

      hi stephen,
      if you could let me know if you still have any sawdust for collection, i could get some transport over to you tomorrow(24/6/11). i am looking for fine sawdust rather than shavings. if you can help, please can you reply as soon as possible,

  44. Joseph Chandrakumar says:

    I looking for places to collect wood shavings in London / Greater London areas. Please let me know if you have any. My email address Manythanks. Joseph

  45. Shelley says:

    I was looking for a local supply wood shaving(no dust) for my horses….I am in Stockport but have transport ..please email… woman and van awaits to come and collect…thank you!

    • Andy says:

      Hi Shelly,
      I work for RW Joinery in Stockport. We always have shavings we need to get rid of but it may not always be of the right quality you want as it does tend to be mixed with dust sometimes.
      However, if you would like to come and have a look for yourself you are more than welcome. We are on Mersey Street just behind Evans Halshaw.
      Andy Davies

  46. meelis says:

    hello. i am looking any quality and any amounts sawdust/wood shavings. based in northamptonshire but can travel without problems. any offers welcome!!

  47. Jan Boddy says:

    Wood shavings in large bags wanted in Huddersfield/Wakefield area.

  48. Shannon says:

    andy! i would be happy to could look at your shavings, im between stockport/hyde where abouts is your joinery? and would i be able to bag it? i desperately need some for my horses!

    and if anyone else knows of any shavings in manchester/cheshire area please let me know and i will be willing to travel, thanks

    • Andy says:

      Shannon, Its already in large bags straight from the extractor. We are on Mersey St near portwood roundabout M60 Junction 27 just off St Mary’s Way

  49. Malachy says:

    We are a small joinery workshop, looking for someone to collect packed wood shavings and saw dust on regular bases, we are base in Wembley area west London. Please contact me on 02089000534.

    All the best

  50. You can check with your local pet shop as they may use them for animal bedding.

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