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How can I reuse or recycle a broken plastic sledge?

We were walking in the woods down the road the other day when we got a bit overexcited – there was a plastic sledge in the undergrowth under a holly bush! We’re far too grown-up to buy a sledge for us to play with but a found one? weeeeeee!

When we pulled it out, we found why it was under there – the plastic runners had snapped off and there were just holes the length of the sledge in their place. Cue two disappointed faces. We left it where it was because we were on the outward swing of our walk and forgot to pick it up on the way back – but we might go pick it up again if we can thing of a good reuse for it.

The plastic looked too thin/brittle to warrant a repair job to be reused as a sledge but that doesn’t mean it has to head for landfill.

The first reuse idea that springs to mind is the ubiquitous planter – I can always use new planters. The holes were only about 1cm across – some crocks or a bit of liner would stop the soil falling out but provide adequate drainage – but I’d be a little cautious about growing food in there because it’s unlikely to be decent quality plastic and may leach all sorts of stuff into the soil.

What else could I do with it instead?

How can I reuse or recycle flippers?

flippersWe’ve had an email from Alfonso, asking:

Can I recycle a torn rubber flipper (the kind used for snorkelling)? I know you can get recycled rubber products.

Rubber recycling is quite common – car tyres being the most common thing collected and reused – but while I’ve seen bins for tyres at our local tip, our local tip guys seem pretty strict that it’s tyres only.

Does anyone know of any recycling companies that take rubber from individuals or anywhere it’s collected for recycling?

And what about reuses?

How can I reuse or recycle a kids’ trampoline?

trampolineWe’ve had an email from Holly:

Our kids’ trampoline has gone rusty so is unsafe for them to use. We can give the metal legs to scrap but what can we do with the mat?

According to Wikipedia, the mats are usually made from canvas or woven Polypropylene. The latter is recyclable – it’s number 5 plastic – so is in theory recyclable wherever number 5 plastic is collected.

As for reuses, a waterproof mat is always handy in the garden – it could be used as a picnic mat or a groundsheet under a tent. Depending on how tight the weave is, it also might be suitable as a dust sheet to protect floors while painting or the like.

Any other suggestions?

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How can I reuse or recycle skateboard wheels?

skateboard-wheelsA few weeks ago (I missed it somehow), Courtney posted on the Suggestions page:

I have been given a shed full of random stuff to make crafts out of. Most of it I’ve managed to use but I can’t find any use for these skateboard wheels. What can I make with skateboard wheels?

If they’re still in pretty clean (whether bashed up or not), I imagine they could be made into a very cool coat rack – or even doorknobs – ideal for a skater’s bedroom. (They might need to be glued into position if the spinning around causing slippage problems.)

If they’re still on an axle and/or easily attachable to a board, they could be used to make a trolley for moving heavy plant pots around the garden.

Any other suggestions?

How can I reuse or recycle a broken bike helmet?

cycle helmetJami has asked what can be done with “broken bike helmets”.

Like children’s car seats, hardshell bike helmets have to be retired after a bump in case they’ve been damaged structurally and so might not be as protective at the critical moment.

Like hard hats, I bet they’d made fun hanging baskets – or even used for something like growing tomatoes upside down.

Any other suggestions?

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