How can I reuse or recycle flippers?

flippersWe’ve had an email from Alfonso, asking:

Can I recycle a torn rubber flipper (the kind used for snorkelling)? I know you can get recycled rubber products.

Rubber recycling is quite common – car tyres being the most common thing collected and reused – but while I’ve seen bins for tyres at our local tip, our local tip guys seem pretty strict that it’s tyres only.

Does anyone know of any recycling companies that take rubber from individuals or anywhere it’s collected for recycling?

And what about reuses?

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7 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle flippers?”

  1. Melissa says:

    Maybe cut off the flipper and use as dog house flaps to keep out the the cold?

  2. una idea says:

    maybe you by adding a piece of wood you could build something to row (for fun not for a real kayac : )

  3. Nastia says:

    Attach long handle and use to remove spider webs.

  4. Nastia says:

    If you have four of them , you can make an interesting propeller.

  5. Uluska says:

    Use to smash the fly or any bug.
    Use them to walk on a snow.
    Turn them into alien pows for Halloween.
    Use them to clap your hands at the concert so it’s very loud.
    Hang them among other items as wind chimes.
    Remove shoes and use as giant spatula.

  6. Valeria says:

    Attach them to a mail box pall so it looks personalised.

  7. Valeria says:

    Try to dance Dance– Dance Revolution in them.

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