How can I reuse or recycle a broken plastic sledge?

We were walking in the woods down the road the other day when we got a bit overexcited – there was a plastic sledge in the undergrowth under a holly bush! We’re far too grown-up to buy a sledge for us to play with but a found one? weeeeeee!

When we pulled it out, we found why it was under there – the plastic runners had snapped off and there were just holes the length of the sledge in their place. Cue two disappointed faces. We left it where it was because we were on the outward swing of our walk and forgot to pick it up on the way back – but we might go pick it up again if we can thing of a good reuse for it.

The plastic looked too thin/brittle to warrant a repair job to be reused as a sledge but that doesn’t mean it has to head for landfill.

The first reuse idea that springs to mind is the ubiquitous planter – I can always use new planters. The holes were only about 1cm across – some crocks or a bit of liner would stop the soil falling out but provide adequate drainage – but I’d be a little cautious about growing food in there because it’s unlikely to be decent quality plastic and may leach all sorts of stuff into the soil.

What else could I do with it instead?

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7 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle a broken plastic sledge?”

  1. A sledge should be recyclable. Theres a newish process called powder impression moulding which can recycle many mixed and dirty plastics.

    Wierdly the process is similar to a giant toastie maker for anyone interested in more info there’s an article here.

    But if you can mend it go for it sledging is the best bit about snow.

  2. Linda says:

    Attach a handle to make a snow/leaf/mulch scoop (or giant poop scoop!)

    Rain shelter for chook run?

    Pull out rack for on shed shelf (for those back ‘tricky to reach’ spaces).

  3. Janet says:

    Use this to put weeds in when you are tidy up your garden.

  4. mali marsh says:

    For a start I would like to know where I can get a sledge. So, if anyone has one that is half working or they don’t plan to use it again, they can recycle it in my direction.

    This year I tried to make a sledge out of a wooden crate, some carpet to sit on and some string. . .

    Trying to be a bit creative I suppose. . .

  5. @mali marsh great effort. Googles offering some suppliers just to the right and up a bit if your lookin gto purchase a sledge.

    We got one delivered just as the snow finished last year but it’s had a good work out this year.

    Anyone any idea if there is a market for a heavy duty recycled plastic sledge because we’re thinking about making it. Downside is it wouldn’t be as cheap as the wafer thin plastic sledges on the market today.

  6. Linda says:

    Hi Solway, I think contacting snow schools or ski-hire places would be a good idea. I imagine that they would like a sturdy washable option and have the order size to make it worthwhile.

  7. You should be able to put it in with your normal recyclable rubbish for the bin men to collect, but if not simple take it to your local recycle point and put it in the correct pile for plastics :)

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