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How can I reuse or recycle zip lock coffee bean bags?

I had one of those “it’s amazing how things mount up” moments the other day when I opened our tea & coffee cupboard and was confronted with this:

They’re all empty, flattened out version of these:

John likes his coffee.

To be fair, he does prefer quality rather than quantity and these represents many many months of coffee consumption but still, it’s a lot of plastic.

Some details of the bags. They’ve got a zip lock closing at the top – but also a “breathing” pore so aren’t actually water or air tight. They’ve got a gusset bottom (as you can see from the second picture). They’re about 20cm/8ins square. They smell very strongly of coffee. They’re very, very red.

One idea I had was to make a shopping bag along the lines of this one (which uses cat food pouches). Or using the same patchwork principle to make a storage box for all John’s coffee paraphernalia.

(I’m also going to contact the coffee company to see if they have any recycling advice.)

Any other suggestions for reusing or upcycling them?

Fantastic stuff made from fused plastic carrier bags

I was going to write an article on different ways to reuse & recycle plastic carrier bags but then I started seeing such great pieces made from fusing the bags that I thought they deserved their own post — some really amazing stuff.

We all know to say “no” to carrier bags these days & use reusable ones instead – but in case you’ve got any of left over from before you saw the light… how to fuse together plastic bags. Rubbish Revamped in Manchester also run workshops on fusing plastic which are a great way to get started if you’re scared of melting plastic!

(Photo of a very pretty hairclip by EmilyGraceSuitcase; a bold & fun wallet by kurbantrash; and a cuter-than-cute bib by recyclemoe)

Great reusing and recycling ideas from October

We’ve had some great comments on Recycle This over the last month. Here are some of my favourites:

Interesting reducing, reusing & recycling links

(Photo by Care for DollarStoreCrafts)

How can I make “chickens from plastic bags”?

(I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend btw – and for those who didn’t get yesterday as a holiday, sorry for rubbing it in that we all did!)

Linzi email us with a rather specific question:

I would love to know how to make those chickens made from plastic bags? I desperately want to to know how to make, I teach art and crafts and I know my students would love to make them.

I double-checked what she meant by “chickens from plastic bags” and she means these guys, which are apparently made by communities in deprived parts of South Africa.

My Google-fu is failing me to find either a how-to for those, or indeed any alternative chicken decorations that could be made from plastic bags. I’ve made some little tin chickens from old drinks cans and I’ve seen lots of chickens for dangling made from, essentially, a circle of fabric/crochet – but I can’t find the tutorials for those either now… One thing I did find was the cockerel made from plastic bottles which we featured a couple of years ago – but again, I can’t find any how-tos…

Anyone got any links bookmarked or are better at searching than me?