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How can I reuse or recycle the plastic bags from cereal boxes?

Like tin foil the other week, I can’t believe we haven’t covered this one already.

To extend the product shelf lift and to protect it from moisture, most breakfast cereal is wrapped in some sort of plastic – either a snug film wrapping or, more frequently, a plastic bag/liner – inside its cardboard box.

The bags tend to be made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is resin code 2 and so is theoretically recyclable wherever type 2 plastics are collected. (Do check with your local councils/collection spot though – some places don’t accept film type packaging, even when they accept the same resin code in bottle form.)

But what about reuses before recycling?

My father-in-love stores bread in them since they’re better quality than any sandwich bag you could buy for the purpose. Other people cut them open to use instead of wax paper when preparing many sticky items for baking, or when freezing things like burgers or dough.

What do you do with yours? What are your favourite recycling ideas?

Interesting reducing, reusing & recycling links

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How can I reuse or recycle breakfast cereal boxes?

Cereal boxesJohn and I are breakfast cereal-fanatics at the moment and are munching our way through box after box of pre-sweetened, chocolate-flavour flavoured puffed nonsense (me) and dull, wholewheat goodness (him).

Most of our favourite cereals come in plastic bags within glossy-printed cardboard boxes so we’re left with a lot of rubbish at the end of each pack.

When I was small, cereal boxes were regularly harvested for their card but I don’t do as much cutting and sticking for fun now – and when I do need some non-corrugated card, cat food boxes tend to be sturdier (if slightly smelling of fish and ash).

As with most paper products, they will compost down but some people worry about the full colour printed designs – some inks are toxic and will leech chemicals into the compost.

Any reusing or recycling for the card sides or the boxes as a whole?

Best Suggestions

  • Reduce: Reduce the amount of boxes you generate by minimising cereal waste – reseal the bag & box every time you use it, or transfer the contents to an airtight container from the get-go.
  • Reuse – practical: Cut off the top and one corner to make files for magazines/paperwork.
  • Reuse – crafts: Use the card for stencils or making fun business cards/postcards (some printers allow you to print onto card, or you can get postcard-template rubber stamps and custom stamps for your details).
  • Recycle: Many councils accept thin card as part of their kerbside recycling or at community waste recycling facilities.
  • See the comments below for more suggestions and ideas

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