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How can I reuse or recycle safety boots?

We’ve had an email from Gordon:

I am looking for a company that recycles or reuses used safety boots and shoes. They are predominantly leather with a steel toe cap and rubber or manmade sole. As a [huge multinational] company you can imagine we have quite a few and at present they go to landfill.

Do you know of any businesses that would be interested?

I suspect like happens with hard hats, they’re having to be replaced for health & safety reasons – they’ve become too worn/damaged to wear in a dangerous industrial environment.

If these boots have been retired for safety reasons, further reuse by someone else is largely out of the question – they might be fine for someone to use for light DIY or gardening etc but I wonder if there would be a liability issue if a company was to pass them on for that sort of thing…

It’s pretty easy to find a textile recycling/reclamation company but harder to find down ones that explicitly ask for leather, let alone safety footwear. Anyone know any companies that specifically deal with these types of boots or leather in general?

Any other suggestions?

How can I reuse or recycle CNC milling blocks?

We’ve had a rather specific question from Douglas but we sometimes get incredibly informative responses to these type of questions so I thought it was worth posting in case anyone knows anything:

I was wondering if you knew of a way that I could reuse blocks that have been milled using a CNC machine (as known as rapid prototyping) The block are made out of zirconia and are use for the 3M Lava milling center. I hope you can help although i understand if not as this is and incredibly odd request since it is so specific.

So … anyone? I’ve not been able to find anything particularly useful on Google and I’ve sent a message to 3M about it but not heard anything back yet. Anyone else in a similar position?