How can I reuse or recycle crême brulée/dessert ramekins?

We’ve had an email from Jeroen:

We designed a lid for the Bonne Maman crême brulée cup that we usually through away.

Here you can see a short movie about it:

While I’ll admit the lid is very cute and well made, it didn’t occur to me that it needed one before reusing — my boyfriend John’s mum used to buy us frozen crême brulées from a door-to-door dessert salesman (…really) and the ceramic dishes have been part of our kitchenware ever since – one is currently employed as tea-bag dish and the others are in regular circulation as dipping sauce or olive stone bowls. We’ve also had similar glass ramekins from Gu desserts in the past: they’re my go-to bowl for making small amounts of marinade or spice mixes, or cornflour paste. And from a REDUCE point of view, which is the most important of the 3Rs, they’re great for refilling with homemade mousse or what-have-you.

Do you reuse glass or ceramic shop-bought dessert cups for anything special?

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4 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle crême brulée/dessert ramekins?”

  1. Patti Myers says:

    Did you ever think about making candles and putting them inside the dish? They would make great gifts.


  2. as candle holders or to collect change in.

  3. Jim says:

    I love it… I wish I was as created and gifted as you! What a fantastic idea!

  4. kfh says:

    my mum sometimes makes marmalade/jam for charity sales & fetes – nowadays she often presents it in glass gu dishes, with cellophane covers. this makes more dishes (more money); obviously it needs to be used straight away but buyers don’t always want a large jar and they appreciate that the dish is attractive enough to be put straight onto the table.

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