How can I reuse or recycle door handles/door knobs?

We’ve had an email from Jill:

The last people who lived in our house were obsessed with those naff fake gold handles. We’ve just changed them all out but now have a stash of really ugly handles. Can they be recycled?

They probably can be recycled with normal metal scrap – I’m not sure what type of metal they are but B&Q sell some brass coloured ones that are apparently made up of 94% previously recycled metal so presumably it can be recycled again.

But the fact that said DIY store still sell them should, hopefully, inspire you to pass them on rather than recycle them. Try offering them on your local Freecycle or sell them on eBay – sure, they’re not your (or my) cup of tea but someone might want them for either their style or just because they want any free/cheap door knobs (door furniture … surprisingly expensive to buy in the shops!).

You could also try revamping them – with some metal spray paint or similar. Depending on the paint, they might not be up to constant use on a busy door afterwards but they might do for a less used room, or knob-type handles could be used as coat/towel hooks or the like.

Any other suggestions?

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13 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle door handles/door knobs?”

  1. strowger says:

    in the unlikely event that they’re made of real brass, they’re worth weighing in for scrap.

    if they’re cheap, they’re made of a metal which to me resembles grey swiss cheese – i’m not sure what it actually is.

  2. bookstorebabe says:

    For just one, attach it to an old tree, or a neglected bit of fence, and create a faux secret/fairy door! Yes, being a bit silly here.

  3. glitterpixie says:

    Attach them to a pinboard in any random arrangement – they are perfect for hanging necklaces and bracelets on!

  4. Cappenz says:

    And of course you can screw them onto a board to use as coat hooks. The broad form of the knob doesn’t deform the neck of the coat the way a narrow hook does.

  5. Marcia says:

    The coat rack is my favorite. I’ve made a couple of lovely ones out of antigue doorknobs. If they are really rough they could be mounted on a board or wall of garage, barn or mud room for miscellaneous hanging hooks. They are great for sweaty clothes, fan belts, chain, leather tack, dog leash,etc.

  6. Old interior house items are absolutely perfect for outdoor use. As mentioned, in the garden or around the yard in sheds, etc.

  7. Lesa says:

    glass knobs make awesome Garden jewelry out in the garden or inside house plants.

  8. Kathleen says:

    Clean off rust if any, and paint orange with green stem…..and you have cute little pumpkins. I used crackle paint first and they are so cute!

  9. Alenochka says:

    Attach plastic or metal tube or stick to the bottom of it, where the hall is, and use in a garden as hose guard.

  10. Alenochka says:

    Cut out any unneeded elements , glue it on top of jar lid for gorgeous look.

  11. Alenochka says:

    Turn two of those into corn holdres. :)

  12. Alenochka says:

    Srew it to a wall so your husband can itch his back. :)

  13. Olia says:

    Use it as door stopper.

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