How can I use up too sweet ginger wine?

I spotted this question on the Money Saving Expert forums earlier today:

I bought some ginger wine from sainsburys to try but it is far too sweet. I don’t want to waste it, but I can’t stand to drink it. Any ideas what else I can do with it?

Other forum posters suggested using a splash of it in brandy and hot water to make a winter cocktail, or with ice in lemonade for a summery one. Another suggestion is to use it to make a ginger-y trifle.

Any other ideas?

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8 Responses to “How can I use up too sweet ginger wine?”

  1. anna says:

    Boil some fresh, sliced ginger in water. Then cool it down, and eventually remove the ginger bits (use for something else), and filter it with a cheese cloth if it doesn’t look clear. Then mix the new, cold ginger liquid with the ginger wine to make it way more gingery. Test which proportion of old wine + new ginger liquid works best for taste.

  2. aj says:

    I’d use it for marinading meat, or as part of a sauce.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe a splash of it in recipes that call for ginger, like stir fry, and gingerbread?
    Me, I’d offer to give it to someone else, because if I don’t like to drink it, and it’ll take forever to use it up other ways, I’d just want it gone. Bring it to work, to the next family get together, something. And go ‘hey, I bought this to try and it’s not to my taste, anyone fancy it?”
    There’s a couple of folks where I work, always trying teas, and if they don’t care for the new flavor, it ends up in the break room up for grabs.

  4. Alice says:

    Mmm give it to me…

    Some people will like it sweeter than others, so you could just get different people to taste it until you find someone that’ll take the whole bottle off you. I’d probably like it, I’ve got a sweet tooth!

    Use Facebook to advertise it to all your mates and see who offers the thing you most want to swap it for.

  5. Nicole says:

    Might be good for poaching pears

  6. Linda says:

    Great suggestions above.
    I’d add soy sauce and use for asian-style dishes.
    I’d splash a bit in stew or soup too.

  7. Alex says:

    You often need sweet ginger wine for making mincemeant – which is really easy! Plus if you make it now it will be at its best at Christmas.

  8. SMW3 says:

    With the addition of a few seasonings and vinegar, might it make a good salad dressing for a great salad full of lettuce, berries or oranges, and onion – maybe with toasted almonds?

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