Revisited: How can I reuse or recycle old wellington boots?

A bit of a blast from the past – GaryLamontL has asked @recycle_this on Twitter about reuses for wellies:

Just wondering if you have any ideas on what to do with 3 old pairs of wellies I have. They leak and I have enough planters!

We’ve covered this before but a lot of the ideas were planter-ish. So a fresh shout out – has anyone got any more reusing or recycling ideas for old wellies?

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4 Responses to “Revisited: How can I reuse or recycle old wellington boots?”

  1. Roger says:

    you can get a type of putty to fill the cracks. Also another use not really for wellies i’m afraid but for other shoes. You could nail them to a board and make a vertical herb/crawling garden. I would line the shoes with a plastic liner though so you don’t get nasties in your plants.

  2. If they are all as brightly coloured as the ones in the above pictures then you could make christmas decorations out of them.

    Cut them into stars, santa shapes etc. Then make a little hole and dangle some form of string through strong enough to hold their weight.

  3. Linda says:

    If the leak is in the side wall of the boot then just cut them down to make slip on gardening shoes for summer similar to crocs, my daughter loves her cut-down gummy-shoes.
    If the leak is just a small water leak then as above but with extra ventilation holes!
    If the boots are big tough looking mens ones then they are a good safety feature at the door of a house of any less-tough lady living alone.

  4. bookstorebabe says:

    If the sole doesn’t leak, cut them down and make sweater boots!
    If the sole does leak…make them and wear them around the house. :)

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