How can I fix leaking wellies/rubber boots?

Two “repair this” posts in a row – something I usually try to avoid but this is a bit of an urgent one from Kate:

Help! My wellies are leaking! How can I fix them?!

It’s a similar, just slightly more heavy duty, problem to that of my leaky trainers – you need something that will seal the hole but remain flexible (unlike, say, superglue) because it’ll crack when dry. Alice’s waterpoof trouser question might also suggest some mending solutions.

My first thought was puncture repair kit – something suggested a lot to solve my trainer problem – but a quick Google suggests that’s not guaranteed to work. Further in that forum thread, someone mentions that wellington boot repair kits exist – presumably just a heavier duty version than standard bike tyre puncture repair kits.

If it’s only a small leak, a quick bodge not-really-fix would be to put your socked feet into plastic bags before sliding them into your wellies – at least that would keep your feet dry. Depending where the hole/split is, a strip of gaffer tape might also help reduce moisture incursion in the short term until a more permanent fix can take place.

Any other suggestions?

(If you can’t fix them and end up getting a new pair – don’t forget to reuse or recycle your old pair.)

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11 Responses to “How can I fix leaking wellies/rubber boots?”

  1. Alice says:

    Would silicone sealant do it, like the stuff you fill the gap between a bath or sink and the wall with?

    It’s waterproof, reasonably hardwearing, and stays flexible when dry. Should be slapped on pretty thick and well worked into the cracks or punctures, then left to dry very thoroughly before it goes near water.

  2. Boot Doc says:

    I do concrete work and have to repair my rubber concrete boots often. The best product I’ve found is a rubber boot patch from . They’re peel and stick so you don’t have to mess with glue. You just press it into place and your boots are ready for action. They’re designed for rubber boots, so you won’t have to worry about them getting brittle or cracking. They’re made of rubber and conform to your boot very well. Best of luck, I hope this helps.
    Boot Doc

  3. Alan says:

    stormsure it works

  4. Alan says:

    stormsure adhesive

  5. Olia says:

    Get them inside other willies, a size larger, may be even transparent kind, and keep wearing.

  6. Olia says:

    With socks you can wear them during dry weather, just for warmth.

  7. Hawker says:

    If the hole is through the base of the wellington, try a tyre string, look for how to repair a motorbike tyre with a self vulcanising tyre string. It is a rubber string that is pushed through the clean hole in a U shape and the cut off. Sold by various car/bike shops and CPC catalogue. I doubt that this is suitable for cheap plastic boots through it may function as a simple plug for the sole.

  8. Welly Wizard says:

    You definitely need Stormsure. It’s quick, easy, clear and flexible and can be used on almost any material. Great stuff! Have a look at

  9. Olia says:

    Wear them when going into a river, to protect legs from sharp stones .

  10. nalem says:

    I recommend duct tape, That worked for me

  11. Aa says:

    Regarding above suggestions: I know that silicon caulk, and duct tape last between minutes and a few days during work.

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