How can I respond to Wasteful Wallies?

Not one of our usual “how can I recycle/reduce/make this?” type questions but I’m hoping some of you might be able to give me some advice.

About once a week, some ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS jokers leave comments on the site, attempting to insult us all and bragging about how they’re more than delighted to send whatever item were discussing to landfill – and I just don’t know how to respond to them, other than assuming they’re trolls and pressing the delete key.

I personally have very clear opinions on the environment and climate change (and, well, everything to be frank ;) ) but by and large, I keep that off the site – as much as I want everyone to be a dirty hippy like me, it’s not what the site’s about. Everyone has their own motives for reducing, reusing and recycling, I just hope that the ideas on this site can help inspire people no matter why they’re doing it.

But these wacky commenters… Ok, sometimes our questions/ideas can be a bit crunchy but we’re not forcing them on people so I don’t know why they’re responding like that. Aside from it possibly being a manifestation of guilt or the like, I don’t understand how someone can get so venomous about someone else wanting to reuse a toilet roll tube to grow seedlings in.

Other recycling/green bloggers – do you get similar comments? How do you respond to them?

Does anyone come across these people in real life too, where it’s not as easy to just hit the delete button and ignore them?

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7 Responses to “How can I respond to Wasteful Wallies?”

  1. Snowcatcher says:

    I think every blogger gets spam at some point or another. Some is just more… immature… than others. Have you ever looked at comments on some really great YouTube videos? People share wonderful stuff, and then some dingdong has to post something totally uncalled for. I suppose that’s what’s happening here, too.

    On the bright side, at least you know you’re attracting a wide variety of traffic…

  2. Bobbie says:

    I think that they think they are so clever when in reality it just shows how stupid they really are. I see a lot of that kind of stuff on wikipedia and hey they can edit to put it in while I can edit to take it out, which I do.

  3. Annie Taylor says:

    I propose a wall of shame section of this website. Some people’s irrational anger is just so out of proportion it’s hilarious and even when it isn’t the only thing you can do is laugh.

  4. caroline says:

    It is weird. You have to wonder how they get here too – do they regularly search the internet for things they don’t believe in?!

    I like the idea of a wall of shame. On one website I visit people regularly reply to people’s aggressive forum posts with different baking recipes. It normally sends them even wilder but it is a good non-aggressive way of making fun of them.

    Oh – but don’t let this website get too serious – some of the suggestions for reusing tights really did make me laugh a lot!

  5. Lizzy says:

    Just sit there feeling smug about how you weren’t born so closed minded, even if they were.

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