How can I repair a pair of waterproof trousers?

waterproof-trouser-seamBecause she’s a keen fixer of things, I told Alice in Blogland about our new “Repair This” feature and she replied that she had something in need of mending, but didn’t know how to go about it:

It’s a pair of waterproof trousers which have taped seams. Basically I bent over in them and the seam split right down the middle, leaving the fabric intact but tearing the seam tape. Can I buy waterproofing seam tape from somewhere? What’s it called? And do I need to sew it in some sort of special way so that it ends up waterproof – if I do it wrong then I guess all my needle holes will let in water!

Any ideas?

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5 Responses to “How can I repair a pair of waterproof trousers?”

  1. Lizzy says:

    I don’t know why , but I’m thinking hairspray. I saw once that if you spray alot onto a surface, and leave it, t forms a sheet of plastic. It’s just a completely untested idea and don’t take my word for it, but if you did have to sew the waterproof fabric, then maybe you could spray tons of hairspray on it to fill up the little holes?

  2. This could be worth a try, although I haven’t tried this yet on waterproof clothes. Go to your local camping & outdoor equipment store and get a tent repair kit. It should have waterproof canvas patches, needles, thread and waterproofing spray.

    I think that if you can repair tents with it, you should be able to repair waterproof clothes, backpacks and the like with the same kit. My roommate repaired his backpack with it. It worked fine, but the constant friction did cause some of the waterproof spray to come out in tiny strands and films and stick to the backpack contents. When this happens, just spray again and allow it to dry.

  3. Myrtle May says:

    I’m sincerely hoping that covert operations idea works. My waterproof coat has decided, for no apparent reason, that it would be a good idea to come apart at the front seam. The damn thing is only about 14 months old, and I am NOT about to buy another.

  4. David Carslake says:

    If the stitching of the seam has gone, you need to stitch that like any other seam, then do something to waterproof the stitch holes. I got some iron-on seam tape from Pennine Outdoor (Google them). This sticks best if the fabric is clean and the iron very hot – a problem with some fabrics. If that doesn’t work, I have just splodged a bit of neoprene repair glue (e.g. from a wetsuit store) along the stitch holes. This dries to a black rubbery sort of state which is effective but not decorative, so keep it on the inside.

  5. myrtle may says:


    It cost me £7 for a piece about 50 x 7 cms. It’s supposed to be washproof, it isn’t. It’s not supposed to leave a residue, it does. More importantly, the 2 repairs I have tried with this product have failed, miserably.
    I am left with a waterproof coat, that it is more damaged by this product than the original tear.
    I will be writing to the manufacturer.

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