How can I reuse or recycle upholstery vinyl scraps?

vinyl_scrapsWe’ve had an email from Matt asking:

I have bags of unused scraps of upholstery vinyl, I’m trying to find out if these can be recycled and if so how?

At the moment they are just being thrown away but if they can be turned into something else then that’s great!

I suspect Matt is producing these scraps on a commercial scale so needing something more than craft suggestions. However, what might be a scrap to him (because, for example, it can’t be used for an entire seat cover perhaps) might not be a scrap to another person who wants to make smaller things out of them – there are organisations like Scrap Leeds who collect reusable commercial waste and redistribute it to schools, arts projects and crafters. If possible, it might be worth sorting out sizeable scraps while going along.

As for the truly scrap pieces, if they can’t be recycled back into sheets of fabric, it might be possible to shred them for reuse as insulation or stuffing – the hard bit is finding a nearby company who does that. Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle upholstery vinyl scraps?”

  1. There are lots of scrapstores throughout the UK and they would love donations like this from companies. I attend my local one in Blackburn and it is fabulous for schools, community groups and individuals like me to go to. There is a directory here so perhaps Matt could find his local one and see if they would like the stuff – I’m sure they would!

    • louisa says:

      Thanks for the link Lynsey – that’s exactly the type of thing I meant I just couldn’t think what to search for to find more of them so just linked to the one I knew about ;)

      -louisa :)

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m pretty sure Habitat for Humanity has something similar as well

  3. carol says:

    Donate them to a college or school.I know it would be appreciated in an arts class or interior design class

  4. Jenn says:

    They would be great for making or wrapping anything really…picture frames, dust bins, jewelery, wrapping books, ideas are endless

  5. Medeea says:

    They could be cut into strips and used for weaving.
    Maybe a workshop?

  6. Uluska says:

    Make place mats.

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