Cute creatures made out of plastic bottles and other rubbish

Carolien Adriaansche’s creaturesLast week this little lady –> arrived in my email inbox.

She (I’m presuming she’s a she, from the eyelashes and pink scarf) is the work of Dutch artist Carolien Adriaansche.

Carolien makes all sorts of wonderfully cute creatures out of old rubbish – like our friend here, who has a bleach bottle body as well as her lightbulb head, and the three guys below, who are just so full of personality that it hurts :)

Carolien also uses other plastic bottles – like those thin ones that all purpose cleaner comes in – to make headless beasts.

Carolien Adriaansche’s creaturesUsing the handles for their ever-quite-gormless mouths, they have drink bottle caps for eyes and ears/horns made out of rubber gloves, plastic coathangers and even toe separators. Very cute.

See more of Carolien’s work on her website – click her name, then anywhere on the pink & blue guys, then her name again and on the big “C” for the galleries.

Carolien Adriaansche’s creatures

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4 Responses to “Cute creatures made out of plastic bottles and other rubbish”

  1. Wonderful work, have passed on the details to another artist who is running workshops on recycling milk bottles at the Oxton Art Fair in November, Birkenhead.

  2. Em says:

    I made to make a school project out of all recycled stuff and I made a dog whose fur was made out of dryer lint. It waS so fun and If I were a teacher I would do stuff like that all the time with my class. IT was so fun!

  3. RULLA says:


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