Recycling pop and water bottles into flowers

Flowers from pop bottlesNot a usual “How Can I…” post but I had an email from Jan (who comments as twinks) yesterday about the flowers she makes from old plastic drinks bottles and I thought it was worth a mention.

She says:

These were among the first flowers I made from all those plastic bottles that accumulate in and around our lives. They have become much more sophisticated over time with subtle colouring and more shaping, and they LAST for at least 7 years even outside (that’s how long mine have been outside even through brutal Canadian winters).

She’s written about them on her blog and in case anyone fancies giving it a go themselves, I’ve put some instructions from Jan in the comments section (below).

(Are you, or anyone you know, making art by reusing/recycling random old stuff? If so, let me know and I’ll feature it here.)

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12 Responses to “Recycling pop and water bottles into flowers”

  1. Cut of tops and bottoms of bottles and make a clean edge.

    Divide into sections visually and cut from edge as far down as you can. Shape ‘petals’. Prime and let dry.

    Use cap or a cork and insert green garden wire to attach to inside of bottle neck to make stems.

    Make fine wire into three or four twisted pieces together, top each with small ‘found’ beads to create the stamins. Insert into cap area.

    Paint (acrylics) flower and spray (atomizer please) with acrylic varnish for longer lasting finish if for outdoors.

    • terri says:

      Hi Jan…

      I find this quite fascinating and would love to do this project with my daughter. When you say “prime” and let dry…is there a specific product you use for priming?

      Many thanks,

      Terri :)

    • Taylor regal says:

      I would like the instructional for these flowers please,
      for a project I’m doing.
      Thank you.

  2. One great way to recycle plastic bottles! Aside from plastic containers, we can also reuse or recycled used papers and wood – all we need is the right attitude and correct guidance on how to do it. It is about time to show that we care about the reduction of waste being accumulated annually because of people who do not make an effort to make a difference.

  3. Instead of picking a lot of real flowers and just let them rot, consider creating your own plastic flower display from your used bottles at home. In this way, you get to save money from buying ready-made displays and you reduce the amount of trash in you bin. Aside from plastic products, used papers are also popular for they can be recycled and reused in so many ways. We just have to be practical and creative in maximizing the use of our materials at home or in the office so that we do not have to buy everything.

  4. Why not just use colourful bottles rather than painting and spraying? These can also be made with string instead of a stem and hang them from a tree? We currently have a free guide on the Rubbish Revamped website at See ‘I’m in the mood for sharing’ link

  5. I use old wine bottles to make colourful vases and art objects.I also use old glass cooker tops to make mosaics.You can see the objects on my blog.Great site!

  6. June says:

    How are you colouring the plastic bottles
    I use empty tins washed and painted etc and use the clear bottles as stamens
    So if you can say how to colour my stamens

  7. Sue says:

    I use a water based primer to give the plastic a key for the paint to adhere to. I have also used plastic picnic cutlery as stamens. You use 2/3 spoons and/or forks and melt the tops over the flame of a candle. The heat twists the plastic into fantastic shapes. You glue these into the middle of you flower. You can also use the same method to give extra shape to your flower petals.

  8. jan Pinney says:

    PRIME IT is a product that appears a milky yellow and I use it first – it gives the ‘tooth’ to the plastic without make the plastic completely opague. Use good quality acrylics (not $ store crafts products) if you want to put them outside and keep their colour. I use wine corks in the bottle neck and put a green garden type wire in the bottom and use three twisted together non corrosive wires with beads on them as the stamens which are inserted into the top side (It helps to have a dremel tool with a fine drill bit to make the holes, then all you need to do is add a little hot melt glue and insert them into the holes.)

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