How can I reuse or recycle a cracked canoe?

kayakFollowing on in our impromptu series of all things water-y, I have a bit of a random query about a canoe/kayak.

Because of the wonders of wireless, I am currently sat our (still not paved) garden enjoying the fact it’s not raining for once and watching with bemusement as our neighbour Jason tries out his new homemade canoe trailer for his bike.

I’ve mentioned Jason’s love of creatively building trailers before but the difference this time is that he’s fixed up the canoe too. He has a habit of acquiring random things in a broken state and either fixing them (as he did with the canoe – although he’s yet to water test it – that’s why he built the trailer, to take it down to the river) or cannibalising them for bits. The previously cracked (fibreglass?) canoe has been fixed, the trailer built from salvaged planks and pram wheels.

But if he hadn’t fixed the canoe, what else could he have done with it?

I guess it could be used as a fun, feature pot for the garden – but a very big one that – if mostly covered like this one – doesn’t offer much room for the plants to surface. Any other suggestions?

(Photo by gundolf)

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6 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle a cracked canoe?”

  1. Lucia says:

    I wonder if the bottom is flat. If it is it can became a table for the garden with a base taken from some other thing to recycle. Or you can cut the two points and use it as a game for a dog who can go inside a hole and come out from another. Or you can fix near a water place for ducks to make huge nests?
    Sorry, today I already had not enough coffee….

  2. Kim says:

    I’m picturing it as a new age garden sprinkler…with a birdbath base put in the hole (the kayak is upsidedown) and a small motor to spin it around while water from a hole fills the body of the kayak and somehow shoots out of holes drilled in the ‘bottom’ top and ends of the kayak. Hope that makes sense, even if it’s too ‘out there’.

    Yes, I have a demented imagination.

  3. Kim says:

    …correction to above post….’water from a HOSE’….

  4. Karlie says:

    You might just be able to fix it with some epoxy or other strong glue/sealant.

    If not, an open top canoe (not good use of a kayak) you could turn it into a book shelf.

    Usually cut in half. Cut side on the floor and shelves fitted across the width.

  5. bookstorebabe says:

    Maybe put salvaged wheels on it? It reminds me a little of a soapbox derby car.

  6. Gulia says:

    Plant a perennial inside it.

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