How can I reuse or recycle fibreglass?

fibreglassWe’ve had an email from Kate about a pretty specific thing but the bigger question might be more generally useful:

Can anyone tell me if you can recycle fibre glass? Have 20 fibreglass units used to house the scoring screens in a tenpin bowling centre. Units are old and not resellable but would like to get rid of. Also tubes from the monitors need to go as well?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

A random bit of Googling suggests that fibreglass can be recycled but I haven’t found any thing definite or any specific companies that do it. Anyone know any details?

As for the tubes, I don’t know if they’re similar but we’ve discussed standard tube lighting before – but the general idea there seems to be safe disposal rather than recycling. Any other thoughts about that?

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20 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle fibreglass?”

  1. Bobbie says:

    We used a scrap of this to make a roof over our doggie door so the dogs don’t step out into the rain.

  2. A Colhoun says:


    Did you manage to find any uses for the old fibreglass, did you find anyone that can recycle the material



  3. Raghu says:

    We are also looking for a solution to glass fibre recycling. We are generating waste in width ranging from 5 mm to 10 mm of glass fibre products.Would be interested to know if there are any solutions for recycling / reuse in any industry

  4. Mark says:

    I am involved in the garage door industry. Some garage doors are made of GRP and I have to take several old doors a week to landfill. Come on somebody their are 2500 garage door fitters on the UK lets recycle them. Their must be a way.

  5. There is a roof panel manufacturer in Scotland who have pioneered this.

    They crush the old Fibreglass and then through a process of filtration separate the strands and resin powder. They then turn the strands into Chopped Strand Matting cloth and the powder into filler that can be used to thicken resin.

    However, to effectively cope with all the waste they would need to build a plant which would cost millions but they cant get funding from anybody.

    There is a discussion about this going on here get involved!

    • Gary H says:

      Hi Tommi

      Can you tell the name of the company in Scotland, I work for a waste company who has a reletively small amount of Fibreglass but has no route for recycling and we would like to know more.

    • tommy says:

      do you have the name of the company in scotland???????????????????????????

  6. Bob Baker says:

    Only a small outlet but may be of some help. Try contacting any local allotment groups. You’d be amazed at what they will use and what they will use it for. I have just used 11 indoor advertising boards from a supermarket to build my chicken run. They are perfect.

  7. Graeme says:

    Does anybody know of anywhere that actually recycles or re-uses old fibreglass loft insulation?

  8. makau says:

    fibreglass is used to manufacture exhaust pipes and other local uses

  9. Envirogreen Recycling says:

    Anyone know how to recycle fibreglass

  10. malik says:

    hi, is anyone know how to spearte glassfibre from bathtubs?

  11. tom says:

    I know how to recycle resin based fiberglass

  12. tom says:

    Boat manufactures that have scrap resin based fiberglass now have a product that can easily be used

  13. paul says:

    HI Tom
    Interested to know more on the firbre glass please let me know

  14. Looking for recycling strategies for GRP/FRP has become a major concern for Europe now as the landfill will sooner or latter be banned. Germany has banned it but now recycling strategy will basically look into collection of the waste.

  15. Vinod Shelke says:

    Just use glass fibre for decorations.
    make it for decoration.

  16. Good afternoon, I am from Dallas Texas. Would you know anyone that would accept fiberglass mats from a roofing company? A truck load every other month.

    Thank you
    Angela Boozer

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