How can I reuse or recycle broken digital cameras & MP3 players?

digital cameraWe’ve had a message from Leanne, saying:

I have an MP3 Player that no longer works and 2 digital cameras with cracked screens. Both still work but you cannot view the object as you are taking the photo. Do you know anywhere I can recycle these?

I’d be tempted to put the digital cameras on my local Freecycle group because someone may be able to use them for something that doesn’t need a screen. If my (admittedly incredibly geeky) friendship group is anything to go by, there are always people that want to fix a camera to a kite/dog/radio-controlled helicopter and might be able to use a screenless one instead of risking their brand new 8megapixel camera or whatever.

Aside from that, in the UK (and the rest of the EU), I believe these types of things are covered by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive so the shop where you bought them may have a “bring back scheme” to take care of the recycling – or your local household tip might have a special bin for that sort of thing.

Any further advice or reuse suggestions?

(Photo by nkzs)

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16 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle broken digital cameras & MP3 players?”

  1. Lucia says:

    Well the cameras can still be used. Just as old analogic ones, is there anyone who can remember them still? I think you can find somebody in need who will not care too much about the absence of the screen. The MP3 player sounds good: I would love to discovered how it is inside. I usually take this kind of things when they are irrimediabily broken and take off every single part and use it in a cretive manner or put in the right recycle bin the parts really useless.

  2. nigel self says:

    Hi people some one very kindly sent me some old unwanted audio cassette tapes and on one of them there is a recording of a small child toddler? singing and speaking and I feel this would be important to keep as it is I guess a few years ago now and the child has grown up and as I have recorded stuff of my own children who are now 23 and 25 I am glad I have it saved.
    Can you let me know if it could be yours and I will return it for I think if you recognise it it will be great to keep ! it is on a c60 phillips tape from a pe10 post code area with no note inside and it comes in the middle of a Elton John song. Thanks…………Nig

  3. Bryan says:

    kids can find entertainment from old unwanted cameras, for a little while at least. send the kid on a photo hunt and view what they snapped on the computer when they get back.

    if the camera doesn’t have a viewfinder you can add one by just gluing a small (~1″) frame to the top.

    a completely broken mp3 player might find use in a teenage tinkerer. maybe find a high school with an electronics class to donate it to. they could probably find a few useful parts in it. the camera could go there too.

  4. Thifty Misty says:

    the mp3 player could be used as an extra hard drive.

  5. Alex says:

    eCycle Group is about to start recycling MP3 players in addition to the cell phones and printer cartridges that we already accept. Check on us at

  6. Gulia says:

    Exhibit it as home decoration or part of the collection. Nobody is going to check if they work.

  7. I had a digital camera quit working recently. I listed the camera on eBay (including detailed info about what was wrong) and sold it for $20 USD. Apparently there is a market for used/damaged cameras for parts and repair. I’m not sure what happens to unused parts afterward but this might be an option for used electronics – particularly light items. At least some renewed use is happening rather than just dumping it in a landfill or something.

  8. surya ongko says:

    is it expensive to fix the screen of the camera? if the fix cost is too expensive than you have to give it to someone who might more need it

  9. Mark Good says:

    You can indeed recycle MP3 players: CLIC Sargent are a children’s cancer charity that will provide you with freepost bags to facilitate this free of charge. Follow the link below.

  10. MK says:


    Try contacting They specialise in recycling all small consumer Electronic goods – Digital cameras, Sat Navs, MP3’s etc.

  11. Steve Maney says:

    Try visiting where you can find loads of information on recycling old and broken digital cameras in return for cash payments.

  12. emma brett says:

    broken camera that i would like cash back for, the screen is just blank when pictures are taken.

  13. Leo says:

    Even broken MP3 players parts can be peddled on eBay. Anything from the battery, casing, hard drive and even the audio jack can fetch a price.

    For a good price on your old working MP3 players (if you need a hassle free experience and fast payment) try

  14. BB says:

    I found very useful. Took both working and non working cameras, and paid for them and appear to take on most small electronics/gadgets.

  15. Baz says:

    There are loads of places you can sell your old cameras at. If you don’t like the idea and hassle of using Ebay or Gumtree try this site has a price table showing what your camera is worth and where you can flog it.

  16. As many have said there are plenty of sites that will pay for your old mp3 players (particularly iPods), this is good as you get a bit cash and they will likely re-use the product in some way. If you would just like to recycle your electronics try checking out for some more information.

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