How can I reuse or recycle sardine tins?

Sardine canWe’ve had an email from Carla, saying:

I’ve recently developed an obsession with sardines and my green bin is now full of cans! Is there anything I can do with them?

We’ve already covered standard food cans but most of the ideas take advantage of those cans’ cylindrical nature and height.

The shallow nature of sardine cans might make them useful for under small plant pots (but watch out for rust) or for candles – both to catch drips of tall ones or a mould/dish for making new ones.

Any other suggestions?

(Photo by stroinski)

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14 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle sardine tins?”

  1. Amber says:

    My great-grandmother used to make beautiful dollhouse furniture from all types of metal cans.

    Try doing a search on “tin can doll furniture” and you’ll get lots of links to pretty curled can furniture.

  2. Jen says:

    I’m not sure if they’re magnetic or not, but you could clean them out and use the bottoms for gifts involving magnets. (Cute magnets you make, magnetic poetry, etc.)

    If they aren’t magnetic (and even if they are), you could make little shadowboxes out of the bottoms and maybe even fill them with clear resin for effect. I’m envisioning maybe some cute fake fish and rocks for a mini-aquarium! :o)

  3. Tamara says:

    you could put these pretties in them:

    and then wrap themas gifts. or put them on a desk to collect paperclips, etc.

    use them as soap dishes or soap molds if you dabble in that

  4. butterscotch & roses says:

    I found this interesting option also.

  5. PainChaud says:

    I know what I’m doing with them!!!…open them up with a can opener…wash them then built a little cabinet and use the can as drawers =)

  6. Kyle says:

    They make a nice ashtray for poor college students.

  7. cheri fisher says:

    There are several famous classic custard pudding recipes where you must set the custard cups into a pan of water while they bake so they get even heating all around. Fish tins are absolutely perfect for this. Search online and check out; custard cooked in a “water bath”.

  8. teri says:

    look at examples of tin mexican nichos and or niches shrines. beautiful fun assemblage art. I found your post because i was looking for sardine tins because i don;t eat them i was wondering if i could buy them some where relatively cheap.

  9. Terry says:

    I’d love to have all the empty sardine cans I could find. I’m a sculpture working with clay and raku firing. I recently did some whimsical pieces using sardine cans as the vehicle with raku heads or fish within the cans and placing a hanger on the back for wall mount. Last weekend I had an outdoor show and those were the first things to go with people asking for more. I could have sold a hundred of them. Send me your cans. I love sardines but it will be difficult to eat as many as I need to get the required cans. I’m trying to find a can maker who will sell me a box of empty cans.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Please may I take them off your hands? I aim to recycle them through using them in my Art work. I have been looking for a supply of these for ages and I’m willing to pay for them.

    Best wishes


  11. Mel says:

    Please may I take them off your hands? I aim to recycle them through using them in my Art work. I have been looking for a supply of these for ages and Iā€™m willing to pay for them.

    Best wishes


  12. Amy says:

    They’re the perfect shape and depth for beer traps to fight against garden slugs, oddly enough.

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