Recycling and reusing at Christmas

Hark the herald angels sing;

“we should all recycle that thing;

Please the earth”, the angels cried;

“it’s easy with the Recycle This guide!”

(Photo by LuisFico of a very cool tree made from light)

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7 Responses to “Recycling and reusing at Christmas”

  1. Can you believe, our local council (Macclesfield Borough Council) has suspended their kirb side collection of garden waste for a whole month, increasing their landfill collections from fortnightly to weekly because apparently people compplianed they produce more non-recyclable waste over Christmas. Still doesn’t explain why they do this from 10th Dec all the way through to mid January. To make it worse, no collections at all between Christmas and New Year for some of us.
    At this time of year, my compost bin is full, and I have more bottles and cans than ever. Well done MBC NOT!!

    • Delusion says:

      That’s ridiculous! I guess they won’t be meeting their environmental quota of keeping crap out of landfills

  2. Alice says:

    Leeds isn’t exactly brilliant, but this year they wrote to us noting that we might have MORE RECYCLABLE waste over xmas, and letting us know that if we labelled separate bags clearly as recycling they would be collected and recycled with the green bins. How enlightened!

    • louisa says:

      Yes, I was amazed by that too. We don’t celebrate Christmas so our waste output was pretty normal but I’m going to keep the (really garish yellow) stickers they handed out to use in the future when we do have more than will fit in the bin.

      Another good Leeds thing I found the other week – a pretty comprehensive guide as to where different things can be recycled around the city – more than just the usual “what can go in my green bin?” list. I was very pleased to see there are tetrapak collection points around the place now.

      Go Leeds!

  3. Elouise says:

    If you don’t rip gifts open, but carefully unwrap them, you can reuse oodles of giftwrap, ribbons and the like. I do this and save money on buying new giftwrap too. Some people find this a bit cheap and nasty. I find them a bit wasteful and careless to throw away perfectly nice giftwrap.

    • caroline says:

      My husband and I do this with each others presents and we are still using a bit of wedding wrapping paper back and for!

      We wrap other peoples presents with newspaper. I use gardening, car and travel supplements as they have pretty colours and try to avoid sellotape by using ribbons we have collected over the year. The first year I did it I made a secret vow to myself that if anyone complained they would not get a present next year. No one has complained yet and some people now wrap my presents in newspaper because they know how pleased it makes me!

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