How can I reuse or recycle … DVD cases?

dvd_cases.jpgThe suggestiontastic Am (aka Delusion) has been in contact again:

Me again! The company I work at has just got rid of a number of software sets. The CD discs are shredded and recycled as it’s confidential waste however the DVD style boxes are not taken.

Is there anything they can be used for? I have used a few to replace damaged DVD cases I have but other than that, I’m a little stumped! If they can’t be reused, how about recycled?

I suspect a lot of the suggestions – like giving them to your local library – will have been covered in the CD case post from last year – but any DVD-case specific suggestions?

(Photo by heltje)

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12 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … DVD cases?”

  1. jml702003 says:

    There are some great mini photo albums you can make using DVD cases. Look online for scrapbooking DVD album ideas.

  2. jen says:

    As a graphic design teacher, we take donations of CD & DVD cases for students to place completed projects in. Check with your local high schools to see if they can use them.

  3. lotusbuds says:

    i use them o mix my paints on. Oils or acrylics

  4. krobichaux says:

    You can use 6 by putting a photo in each one and gluing together to make a cube.
    or use 5, to make a planter

    or, make plastic little shelves with them and use them in your spice cabinet or craft room

    silicone bonds well and dries clear


  5. renee says:

    My print club has a 12x12x12 exhibition as a regular event. we create our prints 12cm x 12xm which fits perfectly into the case and sell off each one for $12. We starving artists get $$ and people get cheep original art.

  6. elliott says:

    I friend I work with has a cd case on his office door with a paper wheel and pointer inside. On the paper is written possible locations (meeting, business trip, bathroom, other office etc…) when he leaves the office he places the arrow onto his new location, closes the lid, and now people know where to look for him. Plus he doesn’t need to waste sticky notes.

  7. These make great storage containers for unmounted rubber stamps.

  8. mary says:

    check this website.There is your answer.Great way to get rid of a lot of stuff.You pay shipping but you will be helping our planet big time.

  9. ballardbrad says:

    If you’re replacing old cracked DVD cases or jewel cases, stay away from the plastic ones that will be around for thousands of years. There’s a company in the states making some cool ones out of recycled cardboard . I contacted them and they now have a distributor in the UK.

  10. nigel self says:

    [comment removed on request.]

  11. Thalia says:

    I made a cut on both short sides every five milimeters and use it as a cheap, portable weavingloom :)

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