How can I reuse or recycle cassette tape cases?

Cassette tape coverWe covered audio tapes on the site a long time ago but we’ve had an email from Mark about the cases:

I have someone who wants the cassette tapes, but does not want the boxes they come in.

I am sure the material is the same as CD jewel cases, so would you be able to recycle that?

A number of companies recycle CD jewel cases so they might accept cassette cases too – see our post on the jewel cases for more information. There are also some charities still using audio tapes for spoken newspapers and the like – they might welcome a batch of cases in good condition to replace broken ones, as might libraries who still stock tapes as well as newfangled media.

Aside from that, how about reuses? They could be used as a retro business card case or a credit card wallet. Or to mix the old and the new, you could use them to protect USB keys and memory cards instead of having them lose in your bag.

Any other suggestions?

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32 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle cassette tape cases?”

  1. carol says:

    The cassette cases are the very best ice scrapers around!! I have also usec them for little gift boxes.

  2. anna says:

    use the tape to knit or crochet with them (handbag, crocheted flowers or decorations etc)
    use the case for any storing thing – would do neat for an ipod case or money holder :)

  3. Lyndall says:

    if you flip them on them self they can be used to hold small photos, which you can leave loose or stick on. i currently have one on my desk at work with my partner and i in the picture; but have chosen not to stick the photo, as i thought i may wish to change it at later date. this was also because i am only left with the odd couple, as the rest were donated with the cassette tapes to an organisation local to me that uses them to help the visually impaired. i found them through this site – so many thx.

  4. Mary says:

    If you are into a craft with lots of little pieces–say, beads, buttons, glitter–store them in the cases. Stack them so you can see the contents easily.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Give them to a thrift store. Someone probably wants your music.

  6. I happen to be looking to purchase anyone’s tape cassette cases as I use them to put my flyers in at cafes and shops. I have no need of the tapes though. Anyone who wants to sell me their cases in bulk, please contact me at avadinorth()

    • H Lawrence says:

      Are you still looking for cassette boxes? I have about 10-15 and will give you for the cost of postage

  7. John Pring says:

    I’ve started a MEDIA RECYCLING PROJECT in Oxfordshire because I’ve got quite a few tapes I’ve recorded over the years and I don’t want to put them into the Landfill or PAY to have them recycled – so if you live in or around Oxfordshire… drop me an e-mail! OR we can collect if you’ve got enough tapes (Within a reasonable distance or course!)

    We are collecting all types of “Media” – Video & Audio tapes, Computer disks, Floppy disks, cds, dvds, reel to reel, 8mm, records, etc. to be recycled. We erase the tapes (Degauss), strip them down to separate the different types of plastics, shred them then sell the plastic to companies to make new items!

    Any profit we make we will be giving back to the community

    John Pring
    Media Recycling Project

    • Paul says:


      I have a lot of tapes I would like to recycle, can I dorp them off with you? Do you have a address I can have?


    • Monica says:


      Do you have a website or anything, I have loads of friends who all have video cassettes and floopy disks etc clogging up their lofts. I was wanting to post something on Facebook to them. I heard or read further back that you would collect if there were enough cassettes so I was thinking of pooling all our cassettes and giving you the nudge!


    • Andrew Mackay says:

      Hello John

      I was just about to take a large quantity of video tapes to my local Cancer Research shop when I came across the Media Recycling Project. I, too, do not want to throw these tapes and their cases into the dustbin from where they will inevitably find themselves ending up in a landfill site somewhere + I saw some other comments that there are so many video tapes floating around now as people switch to DVD that there’s no guarantee the charity shops etc won’t dispose of them irresponsibly either if they can’t sell them.

      I’m in South London, what do you suggest.

      Best wishes


    • aaron says:


      meant to leave my e-mail address:


    • Nikki says:

      Hi John,

      Was wondering if you will collect 100+ vhs tapes from North West London.

      Please advise, my email is


    • Marjorie Chart says:

      I have many classical music, easy listening and worship music tapes..will they be of use to you?

    • Jeremy Sellick says:

      Good afternoon,
      I’ve inherited literally thousands of 35mm photographic slides (in plastic mounts, not card) that I wish to dispose of. I’m in Somerset but occasionally travel through Oxfordshire on business, so I could deliver them. Would you be interested?
      Kind regards

    • Ivan Dickason says:


      Are you still collecting old cassette tapes?


      Ivan Dickason

    • BJ Abraham says:

      Are you still collecting media — cassette tapes, floppy disks, etc.? I have some I’d love to get rid of. thanks.

    • Bob Hall says:

      Hi John
      I have 83 cassette tapes and 20 video tapes for recycling if you are interested.
      I live in Wallingford, Oxon. Can these be collected or is there a drop off point anywhere to
      take them to. Look forward to hearing from you.
      Regards Bob Hall

    • Vale says:

      I do have a few cassette tapes and minidiscs I would like to recycle would it be possible to mail these to you? if so I will cover postage but need a full mailing address.
      thank you ever so much

    • Fran O'Flanagan says:

      Hi Jon
      Are you still running this project?
      I have at least 100 audio cassettes (probably many more as I’ve not checked them all out yet) after a clear out of ex students’ MFL speaking assignments and a handful of CDs. I am in the Swindon area. It would be great if they could be re-cycled.

  8. Tom says:


    I buy cassette tapes at 50p-200p each, chrome and metal types (Type II and IV) more than regular -ferric.

  9. Hello, I recycle these boxes as part of a roof I made out of Video tapes. I used them to finish of the sides of the roof. You can see some pictures here:

  10. Brian says:

    I started a web site to provide a solution to recycling cassettes. Find out more about it at

  11. Emily says:

    Cassette tape cases work great for storing bobby pins & other small hair accessories. Paint them to make them more decorative.

  12. Bryan Farley says:

    I am interested in buying pre-recorded cassette tape collections, all genres – pop/rock/easy listening/classical/jazz/country etc. Can collect in the Midlands area.

    Email me at:-

  13. dave says:

    I’m using the cases as spacers glued between 2 sheets of 1/4″ plywood. This makes an extremely stiff structure that will take the weight of an adult. Use for beds, room dividers, cabinet doors, teardrop floor/walls or anything where strength and lightness are needed. This also acts as an insulating board. Use just half the case that has the bit sticking up to position the reels. Use wooden battons to create squares that will hold 9 cases; This keeps them in position and provides the structural strength across the whole length and width. Use decent wood at the edges or stick-on edging if you are thinking posh! For a thicker structure use video cassettes after stripping out the tape.

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