How can I reuse or recycle shower curtain rings?

We’ve had an email from Carole Minvielle about shower curtain rings:

I have loads of these stored for some use I am yet to discover, but I found a use for ONE! I wanted a pretty soap dish for my favourite scented soap but it had to have ridges in the bottom so the water could drain off and the soap not be a soggy mess.
But the only ones I could find were ugly.

Eventually, I had the idea of putting a plastic shower curtain ring in the base of a pretty dish. The soap goes on top, stays dry and lasts longer, the translucent white ring disappears against the white dish, and the dish looks lovely in my bathroom.
But what can I do with the other 30-odd?

We’ve got loads of wooden rings (exactly like the ones pictured) floating around too – I think the person that owned the house before us had a bit of an obsession. I’ve thrown a stash in my craft supplies box – for use, say, at the bottom of a macrame plant hanger – but aside from that I can’t think of much else to do with them. Suggestions?

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20 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle shower curtain rings?”

  1. mercutiom says:

    If the wooden ones are in good condition you could paint or stain them and use them as napkin rings.

  2. Cindy says:

    I use these to hold my growing vegetable plants onto the wire fence that they are growing next to.

  3. pSyche says:

    My friend had some of those circular metal shower rings, and she glued them together to make votive candle holders…
    Not sure how you’d feel about doing that with wooden ones though.

    If you glued enough of them together, and sealed it properly, you could maybe make a vase or jar of some sort?
    er. just a thought.

  4. Delusion says:

    I’ve used the wooden ones to make mini dream catchers. Attach your thread to make the “web” then wrap the wooden ring (covering up the threads tied to it) with ribbon or thin wool.

    For plastic curtain hooks, could these be used, theaded through dish towel labels so they could be hung up?

  5. Kaz says:

    They could be jazzed up to make napkin rings? Or used to tie back unruly plants in the garden (we’re using twine on our raspberry canes, but I bet the plastic clip type rings would work). Or taken to a local charity shop – someone out there has broken some rings and doesn’t want to buy a whole new set.

  6. Debra H. Wilson says:

    The wooden curtain rings make great little photo frames and cross stitch frames. How about wooden ring wind chimes?

  7. Lorrie says:

    Crochet around them in red, green, or white, and embellish to make Christmas wreath ornaments.

  8. juie says:

    you could string them together length wise and use them instead if beaded curtains,for a decorative look or spray paint different colors..

  9. molliewobbles says:

    Put scarves on them and then you can hang them on hooks for better organization!

  10. teacherjoon says:

    You could donate them to a local school for art/ model making- they could be recycled into something exciting

  11. Nicole says:

    These suggestions are great for carabiners too.

  12. mormonsim says:

    use to organize lengths of embroidery floss or yarn. you can also use them for scarves and extention cords. YOu can also use them to store your X-mas tree lights.

  13. JeremyT says:

    Is it taboo to suggest selling things for actual money?
    If you’ve got thirty-odd rings in usable condition, you could get a few pounds for them on internet auction sites, no?
    If it’s a whole shower ring you’ve got to recycle like one of these: then I’d consider selling it for scrap – with the price of brass (and other “yellow metals”) these days it could put useful £cash in your pocket.

    • louisa says:

      No, it’s not taboo. As long as they’re being reused – for their existing purpose by someone else or for a new purpose – and not just being dumped on landfill, it’s alright by me. ;)

  14. Ruti says:

    Any suggestions for plastic ones?They are not used because we re-used the same ones from the old packet and kept the new ones.

  15. glenda says:

    plastic ones are great when you join them together with string covered with yarn or ribbon,makes great bag handles
    you can also make them into christmas ornaments by joining together in a christmas tree shape

  16. Olia says:

    Turn them into earrings or napkin holders, even tiny frames for photographs.

  17. Uluska says:

    Glue few of them together for an instant napkin holder. Make pendant. Connect them with leather, fabric or metal for a gorgeous belt. Make spectacles. Glue them all over the wall and then paint the wall or just do the border this way.

  18. David says:

    Great article and ideas! Wondering if anyone has any ideas on how you could recycle or put to use a Stainless RollerRings shower curtain rings, in alternative method to simply just hanging on a curtain?

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