How can I reuse or recycle … ‘waxed’ label sheets?

Sheet of labelsWhen he can be bothered, John writes a hideously geeky webcomic and we sell tshirts based on the “characters”. To ease the whole packaging and posting process, I use laser-printed mailing labels and while I try to minimise waste by only printing in full sheets of 21 labels at a time (I always need return address stickers), there is always a sheet of A4 ‘waxed’ paper left after I peel off the labels.

I doubt it’s properly waxed paper but it’s got a kinda non-stick coating on it so the labels peel off easily. My betting is that said ‘wax’ is more than likely to be plastic-based so potentially throws up some issues for recycling.

Does anyone know if these spent sheets can be recycled with normal printer paper? And either way, does anyone have any ideas for how these sheets could be re-used around the home or office? I also end up with loads of small ‘waxed’ sheets from customs and Airmails stickers so any suggestions for smaller sizes would be great too.

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30 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … ‘waxed’ label sheets?”

  1. Jeff says:

    Use them to pick up things that you don’t want your hands to touch

    or keep some handy to test print labels on

  2. yogahz says:

    Cut out patterns and use them as stencils for painting.

    Slide down a slide on one to make it slipperier (if it is wax).

    They can’t be worse than the boxes that frozen foods come in. I’d recycle in the mixed paper bin (not white printer paper).

  3. fishcake_random says:

    how about popping discs of it wax side down on the bottom of tabl legs etc so stop them scratching a wooden floor.

  4. Nigello says:

    You could use them as a substitute for plates, for cakes or biccies etc, so then you would save on washing up. Or you could use them as liners for biscuit tins or cake tins etc.

  5. Kato says:

    The coating is silicone. I would not use it with food.

  6. trishlovesdolphins says:

    punch holes in them, put them in a binder, and let you kids start a sticker book

  7. Amber says:

    I also used them for stickers when I was a kid. You can Cut them in half and fold them over and stickers can be put in and removed.

    You should be able to print on the back of the sheet. I would reuse it upside down as regular printer paper for printing important documents.

  8. WAX MAN says:

    MY GOD… try and get a life, just chuck the stuff out

    • Anonymous says:

      i work for a company that throws hundreds of these away every day – we are trying to reduce landfill not add to it – so would really like a way of recycling it !

      • wspier says:

        Do you still throw a lot of those away? I would love to get some of them. I need lots of those to print to the silicon side and then transfer the image to wood. Could I get you to ship me some?

    • casey says:

      Do the whole planet a favor and chuck yourself out.

  9. ecomonster says:

    I cut them into different shapes and seal envelopes with them.
    If you don’t need them I’m currently accepting donations for any kind of stickers.

  10. Wax Paper Consumer says:

    What WAX MAN said.

  11. GreenieWeenie says:

    I applaud you for wanting to re-use these things – they really stack up, since I too do not want to just chuck them in the trash or recycle bin (reduce & reuse FIRST they say). I work for a company that caters to DIYers and occasionally get requests for printed installation instructions with the samples we send out (rather than just emailing them) so I just flip these full sheets over and print on the non-slick side of the ones that are blank. Nobody has complained yet. I have not figured out what to do with the ones that have LABELS LABELS LABELS printed all over them…those do get recycled.

  12. Olena says:

    They would work well to make windows and glass doors in a doll house, if someone has it as a hobby. Aren’t they sami transparent?

  13. Uluska says:

    They ‘d be great for scrapbooking.
    Also, sew together two sheets on a sewing machine to make envelopes.
    Line the bottoms of storage boxes for extra cleanliness or drawers, especially in a kitchen.
    Glue them onto the wall the best way you see, then paint and have super original wall.
    Some toilet paper rolls come without individual wrapping, so use label sheets to wrap it for storage.
    Cut them in shape of your precious china plates, and line in between so the plates do not scratch each other.
    Cut out snowflakes for Christmas.

  14. Anonymous says:

    what about shredding and using for packing material

  15. Torey says:

    Hey, what good ideas!!! I’m having a baby soon and plan now to reuse the waxy paper from labels for her to place her favorite stickers in when she’s older. Awesome!!!

  16. Jean Tarry says:

    Using your ink jet printer, print your favourite picture onto the waxy side of the paper, then immediately place it onto a piece of paper, wood, card etc and rub over with the back of a teaspoon. You should get a lovely ‘aged’ print.
    And you can re-use your waxed paper.
    I know this won’t save a lot of landfill, but you can always run workshops etc

  17. Bovski says:

    Stick them on eBay people will buy/sell anything there that’s where I buy my label baking sheets it seems such a waste buying labels and peeling them off just for the backing sheets.

  18. Graeme Webster says:

    I desperately need these so if anyone had them then please give me a shout.



    • Matthew E says:

      wspier and Graeme Webster

      Could you let me know specifically what size, and what you’d want these backings for? I work for a US based company that is looking for ways to reuse these, so any outlet advice would be great!

      We have the letter sized 8 x 11 and smaller 2 x 4 inch.

    • Chris P says:

      I’ll have about 2″ thick pack of used whipping lables 8.5 x 11 in about a month. If you want them, let me know!

  19. Ed Willow says:

    We have millions everyday, and most other warehouses the same do. I work for the biggest parcel company in the world, and they can’t figure out what to do with them. I’m starting to test for solutions on ways to re-use…I’ll be back…

  20. Chris P says:

    I can ship a thick pack of 8.5 x 11 (from shipping labels) if you want. Just email me where to mail them. On me.

  21. Dallas says:

    I have a ton of 4×6 ones if anyone does want them please let me know and I can ship them to you

  22. kathryn brumwell says:

    Does anyone have any A4 backing sheets they want to get rid of? i would love to put them to good use.


  23. Michelle says:

    Im doing mine the other way around chucking the labels and using the backing :) I use the backing to transfer print onto wood.

    Send them me :)

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