How can I reuse or recycle … um, an expandable thingy?

A expandable thing from a shaving mirrorA suggestion for Bev:

I bought hubby a shaving mirror as a hint but as a hint back, he accidentally (or so he says) broke it while putting it up. So now, while we had to bin the smashed mirror, we still have the expandable bit that holds the mirror against the wall. I’ve sent a not very clear picture so show what bit I mean.

It looks so useful and I sit in the bathroom expanding and contracting it wondering what I can do with it but nothing is coming to mind. So I realise it’s probably a bit obscure and only good for me, but have you got any suggestions?

Also suggestions for a name for it would be awesome too because “expandable thingy” is the best I can come up with : )

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5 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … um, an expandable thingy?”

  1. Lisa says:

    Only thing that comes immediately to mind is to use it as a plant support, like a piece of trellis. Maybe for a house plant as I assume it’s not that big.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Put a boxing glove on one end to bop people with from a distance.

  3. Amanda Kerik says:

    Add knobs and put it on a wall – collapsible coat hanger!

  4. Katz says:

    Surely a thingy like that could be used in the kitchen somewhere? or if you put a lamp on it – you can srew it to the wall next to your desk and fold it back when the light is not needed.

  5. Pink says:

    Inside the closet it would be useful for storing belts or skinny scarves. It could also be used for hanging costume jewelry.

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