How can I reuse or recycle … out of date condoms?

CondomsHad an email from Tom Beaumont, who has found some out of date condoms in the back of his bathroom cabinet.

I don’t fancy risk using them for their intended purpose for obvious reasons but thought you might be able to come up with some other suggestions!

The first thing that springs to my mind is testing whether the boiled condom over a phone box thing is an urban myth or not – but that’s not terribly practical (because a. it’s pointless really and b. phone boxes are hard to find these days).

Any better suggestions?

(Photo by Wazari)

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25 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … out of date condoms?”

  1. John says:

    Louisa, they come in handy for putting over the business end of your gun if you’re going to take it in the sea. Very useful for seaborn invasions.

    2. You can prick the end and suspend it over your plant pot as a watering device.

    3. Ideal for storing keys, money, other valuables if you’re going surfing.

  2. tankard says:

    In future I suggest you get *her* to look after them for you..!! That way there is no way they will ever go stale again :O)

  3. I have the PERFECT solution! Schools teach sex education and the demonstration (and subsequent trials of how to use) of condoms does not need them to be ‘in date’.

    I suggest you donate them to a secondary school near you – their PSHE department will be delighted!

  4. Another great idea I got from Clive James. He once described Arnold Schwarzenegger as looking like a chocolate condom full of walnuts, so … come on kids, make your own model of Arnie.

  5. Marley says:

    Water balloons!

  6. Amanda Kerik says:

    Considering how large these can be blown up to, you could use them as gift balloons at adult themed parties.

    The easiest way is to have a vaccuum box that you dangle the condom in, then stretch the rim around the top. Turn on the vaccuum and the condom opens up – you can put your stuff inside with confetti.

    What you put in it is up to you.

    And if it’s lubricated / has spermicide, consider washing it first.

  7. Laura Jarvis says:

    In the family planning clinic where I work we store up all our out of date condoms to use when doing condom demonstrations. When you are teaching a group of 20 young people with the help of plastic penises you can get though a LOT of condoms!

  8. suggester says:

    you could wrap your cell phone in condom

  9. Ryan says:

    POOR TOM!!!!!!

  10. poo head says:

    Toy car garage!!!

  11. Jodi Kress says:

    You can use it as a robber mask

  12. callum says:

    i think you should take the risk and use them

  13. AliceJ says:

    Keep matches dry on camping trips, at the allotment etc.

  14. Tabo says:

    I always have at least 2 in my survival kit for backpacking. They can be used as garbage bags, gloves, socks for water crossings, and a condom is a great water container. It can hold a gallon of water easily. Use the unlubed kind if you plan on drinking the water.

  15. jamie smith says:

    firt of all i cum into them and then i blow them in peoples faces!

  16. molliewobbles says:

    My cat needs a medicine rubbed in his ears and we use “finger cots” which are smaller than condoms, but otherwise similar. Condoms would probably work just fine though.

  17. Tommy says:

    eat them!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ashley says:

    You could make some clothes out of them.

    My uni is doing a Comdom Fashion Week. A club I’m in is making a tutu.

  19. hehe says:

    Blow them up with helium and give them to kids for thier birthday or.. make doggies out of them or toy swords.

  20. c0ndumb lubber says:

    when your out of gum and you just REALLY need something to chew on …

  21. Sam says:

    No one answered, can you actually put one over a phonebox?

  22. lozza says:

    save up loads and put them in ya mates car in his glove compartment so they spill out wen its opened, wait till his mum sees a sight like that lol!!

  23. Kacy says:

    I once snipped the rim off a condom and used it as a rubber band hair tie during a hair crisis away from home. No one will notice.


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