How can I reuse or recycle … an old bathroom suite?

Bathroom suiteHad an email from Bill about a bathroom suite:

I have a perfectly good condition bathroom suite, bath, WC basin and pedestal that have been removed during an upgrade.

They are sitting in my garage and I have spent hours searching the ‘net looking for a home, but it looks like I have no option but put them in landfill.

Any ideas please?

I’ve already suggested Freecycle to him to see if anyone else could use it as a bathroom suite and I also think it could look pretty cool as alternative garden furniture – but any other suggestions for reusing bits of it or a whole?

(Photo by sbennumi)

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21 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … an old bathroom suite?”

  1. fishcake_random says:

    How about using them to plant flowers in for an unusual display.

    dig a hole and put the bathtub in it up to the rim. and you have a ready made pond just make sure you put the plug in lol.

    or you could use the bath to grow potatoes. if you had no space for them.

  2. Philly says:

    You could turn your toilet into a water feature using the cistern as a resevoir. Block the flush pipe outlet and seal with a small pipe for the return.You could power a 12v pump by a small car/bike battery charged by a solar panel.If you paint it with yoghurt it will attract lichen/moss, or just paint it with stone effect paint. Mad i know, but with a little engineering you`ll have a very bespoke water feature.

    I sunk my old bath tub in the ground and filled it with earth to create a bog garden.

  3. SuZ says:

    You could turn the bathrub into a sofa as seen here:

  4. The loo can be used as a very unusual plant pot, and you can paint it in unusual colours! P.S. Louisa, please answer my e-mails! I have loads of suggestions on them!

  5. RaVeN says:

    My dad sunk an old bath-tub into the ground and used it as a pond. With the plug in and sealed, obviously!

  6. streaker003 says:

    you could make a soap box derby car out of the bath tub and ride it down hills. or maybe some sort of miniature tank to play paintball out of.

  7. Bayou says:

    My Buddy made a herb garden out of his toilet and bathtub.

  8. Robin Beirne says:

    smash ’em up real small and make a mosaic thingy, mabey to comemerate your old bathroom :D

  9. Blambo says:

    This past summer, me and my grandpa used an old jacuzzi to keep catfish in until we sold them. Worked pretty good.

  10. Kirsty says:

    If you can, cut your bathtub in half, lengthwise, maybe paint it, stick in some cushions and use it as a sofa a la “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

  11. thrash56 says:

    Another suggestion would be to use the tank of the toilet to work as a plant watering reservoir. Simply hook up a hose and “flush” when you want to water plants, of course, you will have to build the irrigation system.

    Bathtubs can make a nice little watery area as well. That was already stated above.

    And as for the commode, I don’t know.

  12. samala says:

    my nieghbor buried a tub halfway up and put a virgin mary statue in it, it keeps it dry i geuss, i dont liek it but you might

  13. karen says:

    Maybe you could take the toilet tank lid, turn it upside down, and use it as a tray. Maybe on a long dining room table with some pillar candles marched down the center and some frou frou stuff like pine cones or shells or sand thrown in there? I’d probably do a mosaic number on it or at least spray paint it. Ooh or it could hold a mini zen garden.

  14. Ian H says:

    Bathtubs are used on our local allotments for water storage – filled by rain or a hose from the tap. Saves walking up and down the allotment with a watering can if yours is not near the tap. A neighbour really has made a garden feature of the wc complete – without the lid it does make an attractive plant bowl – the cistern just makes it look amusing. It’s against a garden wall!

  15. ben says:

    If you have yard space and your tub is a metal one you could create an outdoor wood fired tub. Basically you use stone or brick to build a climbing channel and attach a stove pipe to the high end. Put the tub on top and seal all of the holes and cracks in with mud / cement. The lower end should be open to the air and this is where you build the fire after filling the tub with an inch or so of water. When it gets going really well push it backwards and add more wood. when the water is hot add more and continue adding wood. When there is enough water climb in and add cold water if it is too hot.

    It is amazingly relaxing to have a hot bath in the shade of a large tree or under the stars.

  16. ben says:

    I fogot to mention that you need to build a wooden floor, backrest and cover. (the floor and backrest keeps you from burning and the cover helps the water heat faster.)

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  18. Pat says:

    A lady I know once put toilets on her pond. She filled the bowl with dirt and kept worms in that part, put the seat down and used it as a seat while fishing, and put beer and ice in the tank on the back. Her neighbors were already angry after she bought the property and hads topped the uninvited fishermen from surrounding properties from using her pond. So she rimmed the top of pond with toilets, so they could stare as they passed down the road.

  19. E says:

    There are lots of charities that take usable household items and use them to furnish homes for those who need help in doing this. You could google them for your area or contact your local council. Also Shelter may do a similar thing.

  20. Bad Monkey says:

    Why not use the old bath as giant sled, last winter saw gang of brave kids hurtling down the hillside in an old bath! great fun, and the guy at the rear, stuck a sturdy stick thru the plughole as a brake.or if you want to be sensible salvage reclamtion yards will often take them off you.

  21. Not sure what you can do with the toilet but with the bath tub you can do what my mother and plant flowers in there, it’s great as the flowers are doing rather well.

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