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What can I reuse to make washable sanitary pads?

In honour of International Women’s Day yesterday, we’re having a week of women’s health and sexual health themed posts here on Recycle This – with lots of related giveaways.

Yesterday, we were talking about how great reusable, washable sanitary towels are – much better for your body, your wallet and the environment than plastic disposable ones. Rachael from Moon Times has given us some wonderful handmade, super-soft pads to give away – if you’d like to be in the draw, just leave a comment on that article before Friday lunchtime (GMT).

But I know there are a good number of crafty people here who would prefer to make their own – and would prefer to make them by reusing and recycling old fabrics that might otherwise go to waste. Our grandmothers would probably have made them out of old sheets and the like but jersey cotton fabrics from old tshirts or baby clothes are probably better now – very widely available, thicker more absorbent and softer too.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen knitted or crocheted pads too – although I can’t any details now — does anyone know anything about making those?

Has anyone got any patterns or had any experience of making their own? Anything to try? Anything to avoid? Is it worth adding wings and if so, what fixing works best? Any suggestions welcome!

Oh and stay tuned – I’ve got another giveaway for later today!

(We all wear white jeans while on our periods, don’t we?)

Reusable sanitary pads giveaway!

We’re having a series of women’s health & sexual health themed posts this week in honour of International Women’s Day today – with related green giveaways. Free stuff rocks and green free stuff rocks even harder!

The wonderful Rachael at Moon Times has given us some ace washable sanitary pads to give away.

The average woman uses more than 12,000 disposable sanitary products during her lifetime – so much waste! Washable pads are a very easy way to move away from disposable items – ideal for existing towel users, young girls just starting their periods or women who want the protection of a panty liner while using other sanitary products.

Moon Times pads lovingly handmade in the UK, from super-soft organic cotton so they won’t feel like they’re sawing your leg off like the plastic winged ones can do sometimes. Properly cared for, they can last for years and years – think of both the waste and cost saving!

Want to win these great pads? Just leave a message below before noon (GMT) on Friday 12th March and I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner. Just saying “hi!” or “pick me!” is fine – or tell us about your experiences with washable pads if you’ve already tried them.

Oh, and don’t forget to include an email address in the email address field – it’s hidden so won’t appear on the website but means I can contact you if you win!

(Quick update just to say I’m happy to send them to anywhere.)

UPDATE – 12pm Friday 12th March 2010:

Entries are now closed and our lucky winner is comment 41 – congratulations Michele P! I’ll be in touch soon to get your address details.

For the rest of you, don’t forget you can buy your own washable pads from Moon Times – or if you’re crafty, make your own by upcycling waste fabric from around the home.

Thanks for the great comments by everyone who entered and thanks again to Rachael at Moon Times for donating the pads! :)